How to build an employment offer that attracts the best energy talent in the USA

Since the employment market in the oil, gas and energy industry is suffering from a lack of demand at the moment, surprisingly a candidate-led trend has emerged where the desired talent is still in a good position to land the top industry roles. There are still a number of companies which are hiring, regardless of the overall view that “There are no jobs”, the difference is that; these organizations are only looking for what they classify as “top talent” and candidates that fully match a job specification. However, this top talent only wants to work under certain conditions, as in every market, they are aware of “supply vs demand” and know that people with desirable skills are in short supply as people exit the industry or sit tight in their current roles. The aim of this article is to demonstrate how to engage the most talented professionals based on the results we have from our Talent Insight Index 2016 survey on what aspects of an employment package is most attractive to energy professionals. These insights could form the basis of a more compelling job offer that is appealing enough to pique the interests of these professionals when confidence in job security is very low. If you are looking for a way to improve your CV in order to highlight your professional skills as top talent you can access CV formatting tips and download the a CV/Resume template on our online employment resources page.

Employee loyalty strengthens the likelihood of attracting great candidates


The Talent Insight Index 2016 research has highlighted loyalty as a key factor to retain and develop talent. This can also apply to hiring new talent based on your existing employees’ loyalty.

Locating top talent that will want to be a part of your organization can be really hard to do, especially if your current employees won’t recommend it even in a downturn.

The first thing to consider when positioning vacancies as top oil, gas and energy job offers is having your other employees loyal and happy enough to talk about their “amazing job”, and recommending the roles  to likely great candidates, or  ex-colleagues whether online or through word of mouth.

Having a job requirement that makes reference to testimonials from current employees can motivate the talent you seek to apply for the position in the first place. If your current employees share their positive perceptions of the company, the potential candidate will be more persuaded to apply.

Money talks

Loyalty to the company is usually a good signal, however this should not diminish the importance of the basic pay/salary package offered by organizations to attract employees and contractors.

In the Petroplan survey, respondents clearly state that basic pay is the single most important factor.

This is the same across all oil, gas and energy employment types, ages and regions of work.

55 percent of oil and gas engineers rate basic pay as the most important

As part of the Talent Insight Index 2016, we look at what the workforce ranks as the most important benefits to include in an offer of employment. To download the full findings of the Talent Insight Index sign up here:

Pay is key but in today’s market the whole package is a deciding factor


When talent that your company needs is looking for something more of a guarantee of job security than just basic salary, a broader benefits package illustrate the values of the business that will also have a role in their decision.

There is an opportunity to attract both contractors and permanent employees with a whole package approach with many workers having lost security, training and medical support.

In the United States, Petroplan provides oil, gas and energy recruitment capabilities nation-wide; with a focus on the Greater Houston area, the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas Shale Plays.

We particularly concentrate on exploration and production, midstream and downstream, LNG, oilfield services and manufacturing; and our core specialisms include Discipline Engineers, HSE, Project Management and Services, Subsea, Subsurface and Corporate roles such as Technical Sales, Support Functions, Finance, HR and IT.

The full range of recruitment services are available through us, from executive search and contingency recruitment for direct hire, to contractor recruitment, mobilization and pay rolling.

The results of Petroplan’s Talent Insight index 2016 shows us that the top talent that the industry requires still values benefits such as length of contract, healthcare, training, holiday allowance or flights and bonus.

The order and importance of these benefits can vary, so we have created an ideal job specification for the US region “savvy top talent” that the industry is needing.




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