Candidate Insight for Oil, Gas and Energy Professionals

For over 40 years our people have learned through experience the key employment factors that motivate professionals in the energy industry. It is important to take the temperature of people’s opinion in a quantitative way too for candidate insight.

Petroplan has run surveys and benchmark studies, however, in 2016 with the impact of the oil price decline really biting, we commissioned a study. This study asked a range of questions to  understand in more detail the changing sentiment of the professionals in the sector.

Talent Insight Index

In 2016, the survey found that the community had really felt the negative effects of uncertainty in their employment but they were very much loyal to their career. We looked at their confidence in recovery and opinions towards employers who had undertaken  lots of job cuts.

This study was named the Talent Insight Index and has been rerun in 2017 to act as a benchmark to see if sentiment has altered.

The survey asked broadly similar questions to allow for comparison, however, we also looked to find out how candidates felt about the need for digital skills and their view on job hunting in more detail.

How Candidate Sentiment is Changing

In 2016, oil and gas professionals were hoping for a recovery, and were loyal to the industry but felt abandoned by employers, both as contractors or permanent employees.

Contrary to employer belief, those in employment were not convinced they should just stay in their role but continued to look for work. Job mobility was as high as ever. Employer reputation was very low amongst the contractor population.

On a positive note, many although suffering from the effects of a downturn, remained committed to the life. Pay was top of the list of benefits but other aspects of the life such as being able to meet new people, travel and do interesting work remained a constant industry attraction. However, all that said, a significant minority were considering moving out of the energy to transfer their skills to another industry. In addition, even with the reduction in jobs in the traditional locations, many would not consider energy hot spots such as Russia or North Africa.

In 2017, We commissioned a follow up study which reveals the continued support for the industry amongst oil, gas and energy professionals. To find out more about this year’s findings please click here to sign up for your copy of the 2017 Talent Insight Index report.

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