Contractor mobilisation as an art

Great contractor mobilisation fuels global oil and gas operations

Within the oil and gas industry, contractor mobilisation and on-boarding the right people to the right location at the right time is a critical part of the smooth running of projects and operations. There are times when numerous contractors are needed urgently and often particular specialist skills and experience required.

Specialist energy recruitment agencies help to accelerate the on-boarding process. They deliver contractors to meet project needs in all parts of the world.
On-boarding contractors can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

3 Stage process of contractor onboarding

There are fundamentally three stages:

#1 Pre-assignment

#2 Mobilisation

#3 Assignment Support


Pre-assignment requirements will vary depending on local regulations and requirements. This phase can include attestation and verification of educational and training certificates, interviews, background checks, medical screenings and drafting and negotiation of contracts.


Contractor mobilisation includes ensuring correct visas, work permits and any other local document requirements are in place. Travel and accommodation needs to be arranged along with local transportation with appropriate safety and security measures.

Assignment support

Once a contractor is in-situ, ongoing assignment support includes payrolling, contract administration, renewals or termination as required. Training re-validation may also be necessary, along with any visa or work permit renewal. Demobilisation arrangements need to be in place along with appropriate medical and travel insurance and emergency evacuation if required.

Why outsource contractor mobilisation?

The whole global mobilisation administration task is a huge overhead for oil and gas companies, especially at a time where internal resources may already be stretched. Having a specialist agency to handle this aspect of the business comes with many advantages, not least having experts in each specific area of the process to ensure contractors can be in place quickly and on-going operations continue to run smoothly.

A particular benefit offered by Petroplan over and above standard mobilisation services is a global presence. Being able to meet face to face with contractors and being on hand to support them with documentation, whether through a local office or long term strategic partner, can really speed up the whole on-boarding procedure.

Local medicals can be arranged and a more personal approach taken with the recruitment process; ensuring both contractor and client get the services they need. Dedicated teams that focus on specific areas of the mobilisation process help ensure that no mistakes are made and, once again, all parties are getting the very best service. This often leads to a long relationship with both contractors and clients that result in a much deeper understanding of skills and individual business procedures and complete peace of mind that all necessary support is in place.

So what are the key benefits a client should receive from a specialist mobilisation agency?

Safety and security

First and foremost are all necessary procedures and experience to ensure safety and security are optimised, especially as contractors are often mobilised to countries or regions where there are specific security challenges. Verifying HSE credentials is critical along with face-to-face inductions that include relevant evacuation procedures, a 24-hour emergency support network, and help with finding the most suitable and secure local accommodation.

Companies such as Petroplan owe much of their success to a strong culture of contractor safety and security. Based on its vast experience and knowledge within the oil and gas industry, Petroplan has fully integrated the Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Social Responsibility (HSEQ & SR) system into its business. Following a “plan – do – review – improve” methodology, the system is designed to keep contractors as safe as possible and provide complete peace of mind to both candidates and clients.

Contact with the contractor community

A global database of skilled and experienced contractors is vital so we can match personnel to the needs of individual projects. This combined  with knowledge and experience of local markets to ensure efficient on-boarding. Petroplan, for example, has a long track record of placing skilled professionals into more than 70 countries across more than 60 disciplines for hundreds of clients.

This experience and depth of candidate database can meet even the most demanding of client requirements. For instance, one oil company with operations in North Africa required mobilisation of 20 contractors in just a six-week period. Using global resources and a vast database of workers, Petroplan achieved this with all necessary medical and administrative documentation in place – something which internal business resources would almost certainly have struggled to achieve in such a short space of time.

Timely and safe onboarding

All of the services provided by a specialist mobilisation agency ultimately need to culminate in timely and safe on-boarding.  Provision of correctly skilled and experienced personnel, at the right time, will keep operations running smoothly. As a specialist, Petroplan  can also offer significant additional benefit to contractors.

A long relationship leads to an understanding of skills and easier placement but additional services such as contract negotiations; mental health support initiatives; VMS training; continuous engagement, and multi-country, face to face support can provide much more efficient and reliable on-boarding.

People love the personal touch

Providing a service with a personal touch and regular candidate contact has proven to attract and retain highly skilled contractors. Furthermore, the comprehensive and personalized support means less administrative burden for the contractor. They can completely focus on their assignment. Contractor mobilisation should feel simple for the professional.

Whether recruited by the agency or nominated by the client, all candidates receive the same ISO accredited on-boarding services. To meet client requirements and expectations, contractor mobilisation consultants work closely with business managers.

Local teams are available to understand the unique territory challenges. They work closely with the client to foresee and handle issues if they arise. Combining a global network of in-country support with central administering achieves quicker results in terms of finding and mobilising the right resources.

Specialist onboarding skills

It is clear that specialist recruiters accelerate and improve the contractor mobilisation and on-boarding processes. They also act as brand ambassadors for clients by ensuring they meet project and local needs. They bring with them dedicated teams with specific skill sets. The experience in recruitment and mobilisation can be difficult for clients to maintain internally as personnel requirement levels ebb and flow. This frees up internal resources to focus on other areas of the business. Furthermore, it offers clients the ability to mobilise large volumes of contractors when needed to any part of the world.

The onboarding team add value to the recruitment process

The team responsible for onboarding is as vital as front-facing recruiters. They ensure appointed personnel are able to add value to the customer’s project from day one.

The success of the first mobilisation project for an employer is critical for a positive perception amongst a contractor community. The onboarding organisation needs to demonstrate diligence and care for the contractors. Plus ensure on-time and accurate payment  speedy resolution of queries.

So whether you are a contactor looking to payroll through an agency or an employer looking for an onboarding solution. Petroplan would love to hear from you.




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