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We make sure you really stand out.

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At Petroplan we take pride in being the best at identifying and sourcing candidates by growing our client’s brand while offering an extensive media package complete with

Brand Pages, Banners, Emails, Social Media, Pop-ups and extensive Tracking and Reporting

Unlike every other place you can advertise on – we only have one featured client taking over all the advertising on our site at any one time.

There’s no bidding for a spot or worrying about the best candidates going somewhere else.

Brand Pages



Social Media



Custom Interactive Brand Pages

You can engage and interact!

We have an array of banners and adverts that we place all over our site and we customise them specifically to feature your brand.

We start by building a bespoke landing page for you, our client. This is made in a way that speaks to your target audience to specifically showcase your brand and what makes you stand out.

We also add interactivity into the page and combine this with custom analytics to track and monitor almost every action that a user takes on the page.

Adding always-on optimisation to this, we constantly and actively work with you to improve the page and make amends backed by data to increase page performance.

Every page includes a custom list of your brand’s featured jobs so applicants can directly and easily apply to them through the Petroplan portal.

Here is a short, animated demo of this functionality showcased on Petroplan’s About Us page.

Banners and Adverts

More for your brand!

We have an array of banners and adverts that we place all over our site and we customise them specifically to feature your brand.

Combined with our state-of-the-art tracking and analytics, we can tell you how many users have seen them and work with you to make improvements on their design to give you better performance.

The below is an example of an animated ad that really WOWs the audience


Petroplan Ad Examples


Reach people that can’t be reached!

We use an e-mail program for people that provided explicit consent and maintain a data-protection compliant system to achieve this.

Our e-mail marketing is┬ádesigned and automated to increase open rates and increase click-through rates while providing transparent results while promoting our client’s brand.

We include advertising and specifically made content in each e-mail to maximise the amount of people visiting the client page.

Email Marketing

Social Media

Communicate and stay social!

All our clients take advantage of our amazing social media reach and we make sure you are presented in the best possible light on all our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Petroplan has also won the Innovation in Social Media Award from OnRec – so you can rest assured we are using the latest technology to help you obtain the best talent.

Social Media Examples


Reach people when they want to hear from you!

We run a network of pop-ups and optimisation programs to make sure that the messages are only displayed on the best performing pages and at the best performing times.

We analyse and track behaviour all over the website to make sure the messages are non-intrusive and are displayed only to the people that want to see them at the best possible times.

pop up example


We help you improve your brand!

Since the new website was launched we are getting close to 6.5 million monthly requests  this means that our tracking is really specific and provides really good insight into behaviour of potential candidates.

We use a combination of analytics and tracking from Google packages and other tools that allow us to find out what each person has done and analyse each action performed on any part of the client pages and our website overall.



Get the information that matters to you!

With our advanced and customisable reporting system, we provide full and transparent reporting for all activity that actually has an impact.

While others care about vanity metrics like “social media likes” we provide reporting that directly relates to people seeing, interacting and engaging with your brand.


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