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Thought leadership is a key feature of Petroplan’s service delivery:

Keeping up-to-date with Market Insight

Petroplan invest time and resources to add to the oil and gas industry knowledge base. We use this market insight to inform how we work with candidates. Petroplan is also keen to share our findings with the industry generally and give premium access to our clients.

Our team surveys candidates and employers to find out the current sentiment and thinking around issues affecting people who work in the oil and gas sector. We also partner with organisations which can add valuable insight to our audiences.

These insights are produced in different shapes and sizes. Some are infographics others more detailed reports and articles.

Please see below a list of the current available insights, where a download is available just complete a short form to receive your copy.

Petroplan Talent Insight Index

In November 2015 we ran a survey across candidates through an industry job board and our social channels that resulted in 1,500 responses and enabled us to create our Talent Insight Index report that has been downloaded by over 2500 industry professionals through our website and quoted by numerous press and media outlets. Going forward, the survey will be conducted annually so that we can benchmark results, and continue to share with our clients market insights into candidate sentiment within our industry.

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See the Infographic Summary

The Future of Oil and Gas in the next 40 years

In July 2016 we published an article to celebrate Petroplan’s 40th birthday, in partnership with Professor Jonathan Redfern – Head of Petroleum Geoscience and Basin Studies research and Chair of Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Manchester.

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Energy Talent Explorer Review

In late 2016, Petroplan conducted in-depth interview with nearly 40 senior industry professionals that represented many parts of the world and types of organisation. We focused on understanding the opinions of employers on topics such as the conditions under which the employment market would improve. Plus questions around the challenges for talent management and acquisition such as skills shortages and the reputation of the industry amongst young job seekers.

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Mental Health in the Oil and Gas Industry

Petroplan are committed to securing the health and safety of the candidates for which they are responsible. Most health and safety advice however focuses on the physical hazards of working in the industry. Mental well being is also a contributor to risk and ultimately is behind accidents and ill health.

We commissioned an article that took advice from a professional in mental health based at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. It is apparent much more information on this topic should be available. With the backdrop of unemployment for many oil and gas professionals, mental health issues including stress and anxiety are affecting the industry.

To read the insightful article click here

Mental Health in the Canadian Oil and Gas Markets

It is not just the North Sea oil and gas industry where unemployment is due to the drop in the oil price. We have an office in Calgary and have seen first hand how unemployment affects experienced workers who now are concerned for their careers and the impact on their families.

We commissioned an article that includes first hand insight from a Clinical Psychologist at the Calgary Distress Centre. The centre has seen an unprecedented increase in the need for their services and the issues people need help with.

To read more about the state of mental health in Calgary click here

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