Mental Health Best Practice in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector

A heightened focus on mental well being has caught the headlines in the UK – we at Petroplan welcome this development, as this is a topic that is ignored but impacts most people at some point in their lives. We are working to promote mental health best practice both in the recruitment but also the oil, gas and energy sector.

Petroplan’s team has always been aware of the risks mental health can raise in the industry we serve. We must always consider our candidates’ motivations for working in hazardous and often isolated environments that are far away from home and potentially within unfamiliar socio-political cultures. The hazards of suffering anxiety and depression are as real as the health and safety considerations for people’s physical well being.

A Double Impact on the Oil and Gas Recruitment Sector

The Oil and Gas Employment Downturn

From mid 2014, the drop in the oil price impacted employment in the  oil and gas sector. Many talented professionals lost their jobs or had their contract rates reduced. Badly affected oil and gas hubs include Aberdeen for the North Sea oil industry and Canada since the industry is the main employer in the regions. There have been numerous reports in the press of the human cost of this downturn.

Petroplan’s business has remained committed to the employers and candidates in the sector with whom we help do great work. However, our recruitment team must be really certain that roles are the right fit for professionals with the reduced number of roles increasing the pressure for professionals to find work. Workers are now searching for roles that in the past may not have matched their career aspirations or family commitments.

Working as Recruiters in the Sector

Part of the appeal of placing candidates into roles in the oil, gas and energy sector, is the  fact that Petroplan’s team and professionals develop relationships over the years. The personal stories behind the oil price decline are very real. We hope that  when we can’t find a role for a  talented candidate we listen to their career challenges. Mental health best practice is something we are learning about. The nature of recruitment involves understanding not only the skills required for a role but also the emotional aspects of the employment. Our role ensures both the employer and candidate successfully meet their requirements.

Projects in the sector do seem to be gaining momentum, especially in the United States.  When a project does get underway our clients need Petroplan to mobilise professionals quickly. Petroplan’s teams regularly work under pressure to meet requirements so we try to look out for each other too. In 2017 we intend to run mental health awareness sessions for our staff. The objective is to be sensitive to our candidates’s situations while  acting on work-related stress for our people.

In the meantime we continue to write about mental health best practice to provoke awareness within the industry.

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