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Petroplan’s technology recruitment consultants focus on achieving the right career outcomes for candidates and successful work placements for employers.  The nature of employment in the oil and gas sector is quickly changing with an eye on using data and technology to take advantage of not only an efficient IT framework but also in the field. Digital capability is utilised to achieve success in operations optimisation, predicative maintenance, omni-channel retail and running remote operation centres.

Our account team and technology recruitment consultants have a portfolio of candidates who could work within a permanent role or a contract environment.

In oil and gas organisations people work in multi-discipline teams which contain a mixture of contractors and permanent staff. It is imperative our candidates are flexible enough to form great working relationships and have an affinity for the employer’s culture whether on a fixed term contact or as full time employee.

Technology Recruitment Best Practice

A key element of our methodology is not just ensuring we have a good grasp of the skills and experience required for a particular role, but also cultivating an understanding of the client’s corporate culture and the candidate personality type likely to thrive within that organisation. For technology roles, it is key to understand the employer brand for those candidates who are unfamiliar with the digital opportunities in the energy sector and for those aligned to a specific part of the supply chain.

Talent ready to create, collect, interpret and secure your data

Finding technology and digital professionals is a complex business in itself. With the plethora of frameworks, coding languages, project management approaches and applications-experience required for today’s business having a knowledgeable recruitment partner saves time.

The oil, gas and energy market has a unique set of technology challenges due to the nature of its work, often  located in hazardous and remote environments and utilising complex infrastructures both physical and virtual.

Our approach is to network amongst both professionals with industry experience but also to reach people bringing experience from non-energy backgrounds.

The digital transformation and disruption that is taking place within the energy sector is really exciting and a great place to take a technology career. Our role is to make sure we are ambassadors for the opportunities that are growing in the sector.

Beyond Oil, Gas and Energy

Candidates with the appropriate transferable skills can often be successfully transitioned to the energy sector from other industries, and the strategic use of social media has an increasingly important role to play in our technology recruitment interaction with sought after industry talent.

We will use attraction campaigns and networking to find candidates who were unaware of the opportunities in the energy market and provide context to the potential for professionals with the right digital pedigree.

We are able to fulfil search mandates effectively and quickly. The combined efficacy of our wide-reaching global candidate network and experienced in-house specialists who undertake candidate mapping and market analysis to identify appropriate targets.

In disciplines that are coming of age within oil, gas and energy employers such as digital, IT, ERP and business process roles, it is not unusual to look outside the current talent community residing in oil and gas.

We are seeing a demand in new disciplines such as:

  • Digital Oilfield and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • ERP specialism within SAP and Oracle for example
  • Business Analysts and Management Consulting
  • Web Engineering
  • IT Security and Cloud Engineering
  • Applications Development
  • Big Data/Analytics – Hadroop, R. Cloudera, Spark & Tableau
  • Infrasturcture
  • IOT Internet of Things

When recruiting for technical disciplines, it is just as important for those professionals to be vetted and their qualifications verified. After all, for those positions that are responsible for managing data that relates directly to safety in the field qualification is imperative.

As a supplier to the industry for  over 40 years, compliance to industry standards is second nature to our business, so employers can be assured of quality applicants.

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