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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Petroplan’s key Middle East office is in the busy city-state of Dubai, situated on the South East of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula of the United Arab Emirates. This office has been operating as a focal business hub since 2010. Petroplan has been placing and mobilising oil and gas contract personnel in the region for decades including challenging environments such as Iraq.

The office is located centrally within the Jumeirah Lake Towers office complex which is next to the Sheikh Zyed road. This stretch is well-know for its bustling hotels, entertainment and retail outlets where tourists and locals alike enjoy their leisure time. It goes without saying the lifestyle here is elevated by the settled and warm climate, even in Winter the temperature is 20 degrees and above.

As with all our office locations flexible working is encouraged so you can also explore locations that are less than an hour away such as Abu Dhabi which now sports the Formula One racing track.

Muscat, Oman

In 2015, Petroplan opened an office in Muscat, Oman. Having a registered office in Oman enables us to service our international and local clients compliantly in this location. Oman is a country where they are keen to employ national workers so being in the capital city is ideal to keep in touch with local as well as expatriate workers.

As with other offices, Petroplan offers flexible working and with the Arabic approach to working hours meaning rising early and leaving in the afternoon, our people can really experience all the locality has to offer.

Muscat itself, is a bustling city, where tourism is maturing. Oman is known for its beautiful coastline, our offices are 30 minutes drive from the nearest beach. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors with activities such as trekking, you can also drive to the Mountains and experience camping at one of Oman’s ‘Wadis’, a fresh water pool within the mountains.

In the Middle East, the weekend is Friday and Saturday, so in this region employees finish work at Thursday lunchtime. So after a week of finding and placing the best talent in the Middle East, there are opportunities to enjoy the local culture and climate.

If you don’t see a current job that you feel is appropriate please do utilise the form and send us your CV as we are always looking for talented individuals to join  our team.

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