Commissioning Engineers Jobs

Commissioning Engineers Jobs

The oil and gas industry is a globally dominating one and we have specialised in this sector for 40 years. Our experience and understanding of this industry has built up an extensive network of companies who know we can deliver the high calibre candidates that they need. We have a unique understanding of the demands in local oil markets because we have offices in 6 continents. 

We excel at recruiting for Commissioning Engineering

We search for professionals who are skilful at evaluating, introducing and maintaining the best practices and technologies to add value to the world’s oil and gas projects.

Founded by two engineers, our team at Petroplan have a genuine insight into the intricacies of the oil and gas industry and know what it takes to succeed in these roles. We are now the first point of contact for many companies when they need operations and commissioning engineers, which gives candidates first access to global roles and a head start in the recruitment process.

We understand the pivotal role you have in oil and gas projects and ensure you have the opportunity to progress and grow in your career. Our team support you throughout the application process to make the transition into your new role as simple and efficient as possible.

We engineer the best results

If you’re experienced and are confident with resolving technical issues, then our team are best placed to find the competitive role where you can thrive. We’ll spot every opportunity and find the best position for you, simply register today.