Services we offer


Petroplan has a specialist recruitment team dedicated exclusively to permanent placement ; a key element of our methodology is not just ensuring we have a good grasp of the skills and experience required for a particular role, but also cultivating an understanding of the client’s corporate culture and the candidate personality type likely to thrive within that organisation. 

We recognise that recruitment is a critical client investment; so the processes around our service delivery are all focused on retention – with an emphasis on career-minded, committed candidates.

The permanent team is confident in the use of pre-emptive recruitment techniques to engage with exceptional candidates – both active and passive.  Candidates with the appropriate transferable skills can often be successfully transitioned to the energy sector from other industries, and the strategic use of social media has an increasingly important role to play in our interaction with sought after industry talent.

We are able to fulfil search mandates effectively and quickly, through the combined efficacy of our wide-reaching global candidate network and experienced in-house specialists, who are highly trained in the process of candidate mapping and market analysis to identify appropriate targets. 


Petroplan understands that contract requirements often need to be filled urgently so that project goals are not compromised.  We can identify contractors with whom we are already connected for rapid mobilization, in addition to the hundreds currently engaged with us around the world.

Our global spread of offices facilitates a consistent level of responsiveness wherever in the world a requirement may arise, and our teams are just as experienced in the placement and mobilisation of nationals as they are in working with expatriate personnel.

Depending on the nature of the project, Petroplan’s contractors usually benefit from our Contractor Management Services ; a comprehensive assistance package designed to take care of every logistical aspect of the assignment and allow the contractor to focus on their work without any administrative distractions.  Aspects of the service will typically include assistance with visa and work permit applications, co-ordination of pre-assignment medicals and inoculations, client policy counselling and travel arrangements.  We can assist our contractors with basic tax information and where appropriate we’ll connect them with trusted in-country tax consultants for specialist advice.

Contractor safety is a key priority; depending on the project location, our Contractor Management Services may include airport meet and greet, local orientation and face to face inductions that include any relevant evacuation procedures, insurance, Medivac and security briefings, assistance with selecting the most suitable and secure local accommodation and help with any maintenance issues, as well as access to a 24-hour emergency support network.  Contractors are issued with regular reminders about vaccination boosters, medical check and training updates where necessary.

Wherever possible, our agreements with contractors mirror our clients’ contractual terms to ensure full compliance with client health and safety specifications.

Our contractor management services are characterised by a uniquely personalised approach that resonates with our contractors, resulting in many of them spending the majority of their career working with Petroplan.  We consider the unrivalled reputation we have for prompt and accurate administration of multi-currency domestic and international payrolls to be an additional factor in the high retention rates amongst our contractors.

“Petroplan has provided an essential one-to-one contact with Hess throughout the project and has shown great flexibility during the times that our requirements were changing.  The service that they have provided to our contractors has been excellent and this has fostered positive long term relationships and kept the potential for stress out of our organisation.” - Robert Price, Project Manager and Paul Milne, Project Services Manager, Hess plc, South Arne project Denmark

“I would like thank Petroplan and let you know that I have been advised that [you] have done a terrific job in enabling us to mobilise our guys.  Alongside the great work Petroplan already do I would like to assure you we really appreciate the level of support we have, the guys working here via Petroplan also recognise the professional and personal service.” - Recruitment Manager, EPC Client