Petroplan is a specialist recruitment agency, focused on placing qualified and ambitious candidates within the oil, gas and energy industry. Potential candidates for health and safety, environment and quality jobs are assisted by Petroplan’s recruitment specialists through all stages of selection and are matched according to their skills, qualifications and experience to key positions within leading organisations.

From advisors to coordinators, the oil, gas and energy industry offers exciting challenges for candidates seeking HSEQ jobs across the globe.

Why choose Petroplan?

Environmental Quality Health and safety, environment and quality jobs are important within an industry where the safety and welfare of all personnel are paramount. Environmental protection and quality control are equally important to ensure the impact of exploration, drilling and extraction in an offshore field are minimised at all stages.

Petroplan recruitment specialists receive in-depth training in all aspects of the energy sector and have extensive knowledge of HSEQ jobs as well as potential career pathways. At Petroplan, we have an excellent team of consultants who have a deep understanding of the oil, gas and energy sector. Due to our experience and specialist expertise, we're able to provide a quality recruitment service and match candidates with the top companies globally.

We're dedicated to delivering the world's best workforce and recruitment solutions to the oil, gas and energy industry. At Petroplan, we always strive for excellence have proved ourselves to be a reliable talent partner that makes connections with ease and efficiency. We believe in our mission and are the centre of the worldwide community for those with whom we do business. We have a great range of HSEQ jobs and our team always take the time to understanf your career goals.

If you are seeking a health and safety, environment and quality position within the energy sector, register today with Petroplan to gain instant access to the array of vacancies.