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Wireline Field Engineer

26 July 2018


Position Description:

We are looking for a Field Deployment Specialist who will be based out of our Calgary office in Alberta. The role is to deploy DarkVision’s technology in a wide variety of different jobs across different well types and downhole applications in Alberta and more broadly in the North American market. You’ll be working with a wide variety of oil and gas operators, service companies, deployments systems and personnel and will be personally responsible for the successful execution of each job.

The most important characteristic of the successful candidate is that they are very hard-working and a self-starter. Also, the ability to travel and spend lots of time in the field is an absolute must in this particular role. You’ll be supported by our Operations and Engineering teams, but you’ll be the person on-site who’s responsible for the job itself along with communications to the customer.

Specific Skills Required: This particular role has a few key requirements that a successful candidate would have in order the hit the ground running and be able to get up to speed in a short period of time.

  • Wireline/Logging Experience: Experience deploying other logging technologies using wireline, tractor, coil and various other deployment methods. This would ideally be experience from North American deployments in the US or Canada.
  • Oil Field Service Experience: General experience with downhole equipment, well construction, completions etc. would be another important asset.
  • Technical Background: A technical or engineering background would be helpful in better understanding the technology and how it works, but not a hard requirement.


Responsibilities (depending on the candidate’s skills, experience and aptitude, there are a wide variety of potential responsibilities and key areas for contribution):

  • Everything & Anything: There will be a wide assortment of standard and not-so-standard tasks that you’ll be expected to complete, both inside and outside the typical business development umbrella. There’s an entrepreneurial side to the role, so no task will be either above or beneath you.
  • Deployments: Successfully deploy the technology in wells, including mobilization, rig-up, rig-down, communications with site personnel, service companies and ultimately oversee the deployment of the products in each customer’s well.
  • Travel: The successful candidate will travel primarily in Western Canada, but will also travel internationally, largely within North America to deploy the technology with various oil and gas operators. Travel is a key component of the job, and a flexible personal-life that can support a career where time away from home is the norm is an absolute must. If you don’t want to be out of town, you shouldn’t apply for this job.
  • Preparation for Jobs: Ensuring that tools, parts, trucks and critical equipment are checked, cleaned, calibrated and verified for each job is a natural part of deploying the technology. Taking care of the tools, fixing, cleaning, testing and refurbishing.
  • Communications: Quick, clear and effective communication with customers, site personnel and DarkVision staff are your responsibility to ensure deployments are successful and everyone has the information they need.  
  • Trouble-Shooting: Deploying new technology naturally comes with the necessity to troubleshoot new problems that arise on-site in real-time. You’ll be supported by the engineering and operations teams, but the ability to figure things out quickly, improvise and succeed under pressure will be critical to overall job success. The capacity to both anticipate and solve field problems is paramount.
  • Product Input & Feedback: Provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the product, technology and operational processes to increase efficiency, quality and scalability of the overall business. Feedback from the field is critical and will be incorporated directly into the engineering team to improve existing and future products.



  • Career Focused: If you’re looking to take long lunches, come in late on Mondays and leave early on Fridays, this is not the role for you. If you want an amazing “work-life balance”, this is not the role for you. However, if you’re looking to work hard, advance your career, get paid well while learning lots about downhole imaging, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Ability to Travel: There is a significant amount of time away from home travelling and performing work in the field. The successful candidate must be able and willing to perform large amounts of field work in a sustainable manner.
  • Growth Potential & Career Advancement: DarkVision is well positioned for growth in the upcoming years with a wide variety of new technologies, products and markets. There will be a significant opportunity for increased responsibility, increased pay and career advancement as the company expands its staffing, product-lines, technologies and operations.
  • Technology Enthusiast: DarkVision works on some very new, innovative and complex technologies. We also leverage all kinds of the latest tools and technologies across our business (we are after all a technology company that just happens to be in the oil field service business). The desire to learn, play with and embrace new technologies and software systems is part of being a DarkVision employee.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to clearly communicate problems, concerns and discrepancies to stakeholders in a direct but diplomatic way is a natural part of the role.
  • Sense of Humour: At DarkVision we have a very casual, funny and sometimes sarcastic culture. If you’re someone that’s easily offended, especially by un-offensive things, this is not the place for you. If you find this statement offensive, that’s a good litmus test for not-applying.



  • Competitive salary or Higher (Top $ for top talent)
  • Fulltime role
  • Full benefits
  • Up to 8-weeks vacation for fulltime positions (yes 40 days!)


About DarkVision:

DarkVision Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs that have expertise and a track record in developing and commercializing imaging technologies. The company has developed a new ultrasound-based imaging technology that is changing the way oil and gas companies see inside their wells.

A world-class, well financed, engineering team is continuously innovating, prototyping and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the latest toolkit in 2018. Our team consists of experts from machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace and computer graphics sectors who have come together to revolutionize the way oil and gas wells are inspected and visualized. 

With a number of North America’s largest oil and gas companies already secured as early customers, DarkVision’s flagship product is getting tons of market traction – we’re growing quickly and want you to join us for the fun and exciting journey ahead!


Why DarkVision:

Here are 6 reason’s you’ll like working at DarkVision:

  • Well-Funded: The company is well funded from strong financial backers and customers. We’re expanding and will be for a long time. We don’t skimp on anything, from our employees to our product – we see the big picture and are the polar opposite of nickel-and-dimers. The bean counters don’t like it, but we don’t like them either.
  • Free-Reign: We give our employees lots of freedom to operate and encourage them to take calculated risks. If it makes sense, we’ll probably give it a shot.
  • Creativity Valued: If you have good ideas, especially out-of-the-box ones, DarkVision will give you lots of leeway to see them through to fruition. We have very few rules and policies – the only real rule is “do great work”.
  • Opportunity for Advancement: The company is growing quickly and there are many opportunities for expansion of roles, responsibilities and overall career advancement for the right people for whom that’s important.
  • Work-Hard, Play Hard: We hate red tape, dramatics, politics, excuses and whining. We like people that both “get it done” while enjoying a good laugh at the same time. The company culture is very fun, light-hearted, humorous and sarcastic.
  • Smart, but “Normal” People: We employ some very intelligent, brilliant but practical engineers that actually act like normal people. They have high IQs but can also look you in the eye during conversation – shocking as that may seem.