Facility Administrator

Edmonton, Alberta

Facilities Administrator

Location: Edmonton

Contract: 12 months, with a view to extend.

This position is an internal maintenance position and delivers safe efficient service to internal clients in the Edmonton buildings.

* Has a professional approach with the team, this position is an extension of the WPS team.
* The maintenance person must be familiar with REWS space standards, furniture and safety.
* The maintenance person should be familiar with Teknion, Ergocentric, Herman Miller and Knoll products.
* Performs furniture and maintenance to control costs and reliance on external service providers.
* Maintenance in common areas is an important, as well as implementing processes such as regular audits of the standards for furniture, repairs and maintenance.
* Uses provided maintenance checklists and schedules preventative maintenance to reduce service calls.
* The maintenance person insures requests are being handled appropriately without needing to double check work being done, and/or being done correctly.
These are support roles for all locations within Edmonton and the surrounding areas to perform the following duties:
1. Conduct weekly moves within offices and coordinate moves to and from Manulife Place, Emerald Hills and the South Edmonton office.
o Pre - move audit using a checklist.
o Moves- Provide bins for packing, moves chair, nametag and picks up bins after the move is complete
o Post- move audit of spaces.
o South Edmonton Office- Submit tickets through building request system, fixes chairs and consoles.
o Name tags to be interofficed to admin when required.

2. Completes checklists for off boards via Service Now tickets.
o Contacting requester via email for items left behind.
o Check space for furniture keys, hangers, chair.
o Arrange for cleaning of space through the building cleaners.

3. Completes checklists for onboards via Service Now tickets
o Check space for chair, hangers, furniture keys.
o Arrange for cleaning of space through the building cleaners

4. Install DIRTT accessories (paper rail, picture hangers, coat hangers), hang personal framed items, swap DIRTT panels for whiteboards (WPS approval) as per Service Now.

5. Initial assessment of any Repair and Maintenance with regards to office space
o Includes doors, furniture, fixtures, equipment appliances, lights, etc.
o Repairing flooring, replacing bulbs in desks and special lighting on floors, adjusting doors and handles, faucets or calling in the vendor to make the repair or replacement is done
o Repairing and painting walls in all areas as needed
o Maintain and order misc equipment and supplies as required
6. New floor setups - Installing signage, first aid kits, AED's and other tasks as per new floor checklist
7. Monthly Fire extinguisher checks in all space and coordinate yearly inspections with vendor.
8. Assistance with end of lease or construction of a floor in preparation as per checklist
9. Reconfiguring offices as per standard options (breakout to office (as approved by REWS, and office desk orientation flip)
10. Moving small appliances (microwave, toaster, kettle), 3 high cabinets and light weight furniture between buildings as required. If not possible coordinate with move vendor.
11. Delivering and ordering replacement keys from the mailroom.
12. Deploying ergonomic furniture as requested. Delivery of chairs, and modifications (monitor arms, install sit stand desks/removal of furniture) based on ergonomic reports.
13. Switching out key barrels on cabinet locks when required.
14. Assisting the mail room, print shop and central records as necessary for large tasks that require additional resources.
15. Assisting with volunteer activities (setting up tables and chairs for lobby events).
16. Service Now ticket management- Responding to tickets within 24 hours ( with notes in the tickets, closing and transferring ticket as required).
17. Archibus Space tool -Updating Archibus with chair requirements, office configurations, ergo items, keyboard tray, CPU holder, lamp, fan.
18. Performs monthly and quarterly preventative Maintenance as scheduled in Archibus Building Maintenance
19. Picks up, order supplies as needed with company credit card (paint, filters, Amazon, G&T, etc)
20. Maintain parkade storage and paper storage rooms within the Centre. Items should be inventoried, and inventory list maintained as supplies added or removed.
21. Escort Vendors as required . Obtain approval for restricted space.
22. Contacting Vendors as needed for chair cleaning, submitting building maintenance requests
23. South Edmonton Office (SEO)- action tickets as submitted weekly/bi-weekly through Service Now (fix chairs, install whiteboard/corkboards, chair organization, other items as required)
24. Emerald Hills- action tickets as submitted for this location
25. Other duties as assigned.

Hours of Work
An eight hour day is with a 30 minute unpaid break. Subject to approval, the hours are 7:30am to 4:00 pm. Variations to schedule may be required (move of large items/chairs to parkade storage before 7am)

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