GIS Specialist

12 May 2020


Role: GIS Specialist

The primary responsibility of the GIS Specialist role is to support the GIS function for the project. The role will involve providing tailor made GIS tools, mapping services, undertaking geospatial analysis and advise on the appropriate use of geospatial data to various stakeholders.

This role will require working closely with all packages working on the project and interactions with external parties such as clients, potential clients, consultants and contractors


  • The translation of various datasets (offshore and onshore), manipulation of intricate data (offshore and onshore) and execution of complex queries, as well as, maintenance and updates of GIS databases.
  • Provision of GIS drafting/cartographic services as required by the offshore business.
  • Design and develop efficient programming solutions for the enhancement of existing GIS systems, including appropriate documentation; preparing test cases and carrying out unit integrations to ensure that modified systems perform correctly.
  • Provision of complex GIS analyses and data processing services to the desired quality, cost and level of traceability.
  • Utilise GIS and/or CAD for geospatial data management and Provision of high quality drafting/cartographic services to support all areas of the business.
  • Develop methodologies for advanced geospatial data analysis and implement.
  • Development of tools for a wide technical and non-technical user-base that enhance productivity and/or capability.
  • Maintenance of software, tools and systems to ensure robustness and usability.
  • Create and maintain geospatial data and metadata.
  • Receive, review and store consultant provided geospatial data.
  • Uploading data to statutory body websites.
  • Working with internal and external customers to support data requests either planned or unplanned.
  • Liaising with clients to understand their requirements and provide assistance in providing detailed work to strict deadlines.
  • Contribute to the development of specialist knowledge and practice within the business.
  • Provision of documentation and training in use of custom tools to the end users to ensure high standards of use.

Key Tasks

  • Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst Use of SQL databases
  • Development of automated GIS tools in Python
  • Development of GIS web enterprise applications
  • Implementation of site suitability analyses.
  • Spatial/survey data management (offshore and onshore)
  • Spatial/survey data analysis (offshore and onshore)
  • Spatial/survey data presentation
  • Raster data handling
  • Vector data handling
  • Manual GIS data creation
  • Implementation of metadata standards.


  • Attention to detail.
  • Proactive attitude
  • Advanced skills with GIS (ESRI) in the context of geospatial data processing, analysis, data management and presentation.
  • Python (ArcGIS); demonstrable skills in working with Arcpy library including mapping, cursors, dictionaries, lists, functions, etc.
  • Python (Standard); demonstrable skills in working with default and third party libraries; with an emphasis on Excel and CSV data manipulation using libraries such as xlrd, pandas, and numpy
  • Capacity to work independently to provide and technical solutions to engineering challenges using GIS.
  • Good digital cartographic and map production skills.
  • Ability to work in a team and in a client office environment.
  • Good written, presentational and customer-facing skills regarding GIS and Engineering
  • Proficient with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Experience working with Spatial Analysis for Hydrology, Bathymetric surveys, Geomorphology, earthmoving estimations, etc.
  • Experience in handling CAD to GIS Conversion
  • experience working with ArcGIS Pro
  • experience working with AutoCAD Civil 3D


  • Educated to Honours Degree level in appropriate subject
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Proficient in Python
  • Three years' experience in the wind industry or major construction projects (offshore wind preferable).
  • IT literate with the ability to operate MS Office systems and other IT based project management software.
  • Flexible to work in different parts of France and travel within Europe


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