Lead Cost Controller

London, London

12-month contract

Offshore Oil and Gas industry

The Lead Cost Controller ensures accurate, timely and value added analysis and reporting on a project or projects. The discipline contributes to the effective running of projects and comprises responsibility for, but not limited to cost performance status reporting.

The role ensures the provision of all cost control on the project including budget set up, updates and monitoring, change management, variation estimating, cost reporting, risk contingency and management as well as all forecasting activities. The role reports functionally to Cost Control Manager and directly to Project Control Manager on a specific project.


Key Responsibilities & Activities

  • Contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture across the company
  • Continually strive to improve the Cost Control process and procedures, systems and best practice
  • Ensure the use of standard, appropriate templates for financial, performance and customer reporting
  • Ensure awareness of and adhesion to the Group procedures
  • Support project cost controllers development by reviewing & explaining specific cost control process and requirement of the budgets they follow
  • Develop a common understanding of the Tender budget through a review and analysis process with the relevant estimator and project team members
  • Ensure the transfer of the Tender budget to the cost management system to form the basis of future monitoring and control
  • Prepare and establish the Cost Breakdown Structure, and Budget Elements which describe the full structure to be used in the Cost Control System and that align into the Work Breakdown Structure, taking into consideration the interface with the Project Planning Function, where applicable
  • Participate on estimate of Variations Orders, prepare supporting data and documentation and implement validated VO budgets into the Cost Management System
  • Ensure in-depth analysis and reporting of variances on a periodic basis
  • Ensure all costs are allocated to the right destinations (departments, contracting entities).
  • Interface with budget owners on a regular basis to review commitments and challenge their forecasts
  • Oversee the timely coding, collection, analysis and reporting of all project expenditure, together with the budget holder(s)
  • Calculate and plan Estimate To Complete (ETC)
  • Supervise and monitor the activities of the project cost control team
  • Ensure Ecosys fully adopted by project and region
  • Prepare the Project Monthly Status Report in association with the Package Manager and Project service manager.
  • Responsible for the reconciliation of forecasted and actual expenditures and the production of project accruals
  • Continuously interface with the Project Financial Control department to provide accurate cash flow forecasts and profit release as well as obtain the actual cost expenditures
  • Review audit reports and other audit information as required by internal & external audit teams


  • Operate within the Business Code of Conduct
  • Support standards and procedures for the cost control function.
  • Operate according to the company Management Principles
  • Operate within legal frameworks and budgets


Preferred Experience and Education

  • Demonstrable experience of delivering Cost Control and various types and size of project.
  • Relevant previous experience at an appropriate level in the subsea or offshore environment
  • Experience of establishing and leading Cost Control on projects


  • Technical knowledge and application of Cost Control and associated systems


  • Understanding of the Offshore Oil and Gas industry

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Yuliya Stoyko
Yuliya Stoyko
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