Project Engineer

Ras Tanura

Project Engineer

Saudi Arabia



The Project Engineer leads and facilitates interdisciplinary coordination within the scope of a Process Area, thus giving support to the Project Area Manager or to the Engineering Manager. Project Engineer carries out multidisciplinary coordination tasks with greater responsibility and independence within the Project team such as Interface Manager, Material Manager, Resident Engineer or Field Engineering Manager. These positions reporting directly to the Project Operations Manager.

Specific Functions (Management - Leadership):

  • Upload and issue the List of Teams in his area and keep it updated periodically, ensuring that each Discipline uploads and updates its part according to the responsibility matrix.
  • Monitor the actions derived from the interdisciplinary coordination meetings in their area of ​​responsibility (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, HSE, etc.)
  • Responsible for the follow-up and closing of the actions derived from the reviews of HSE Hazops, SIL, etc. and coordinate the closure of Customer Comment Tags from Model Reviews.
  • Coordinate the Plans and Activities Program (Plan4E) in their area/unit of responsibility.
  • Lead, in the absence of the Project Area Manager, the weekly coordination review of Changes in P&IDs, "Monday Review"
  • Coordinator of the Fire-Proofing Workshop to define the scope of fireproofing at the beginning of the Project.
  • Channel and activate the Technical Clarifications to be made with the Client, Licensors and/or Vendors and Subcontractors in his area of ​​responsibility.
  • Promote the optimization of designs and coordinate the consistency analysis of Engineering in their area of ​​responsibility.
  • Ensure consistency of engineering drawings in his area of ​​responsibility
  • Participate in meetings to launch orders to Vendors (KOM) and confirm compliance with the VDDL, spare parts, preservation requirements, IT requirements, services (training) and/or technical assistance on site, as well as analyze and minimize deviations.
  • Participate in the Constructability meetings (convened by the Construction Constructability Department), ensuring the participation of the Engineering disciplines and the implementation, both in Engineering and Procurement, of the approved proposals.
  • Manage and coordinate, together with the Project Management, in the taking of action for the resolution of the OS&Ds opened by Construction to the reception of materials and serve as a link between the Procurement and Construction Departments.
  • Ensure continuity between engineering and construction.
  • Coordinate the production and management of "As Built" plans.

Specific Functions (Support - Information):

  • Assist and support the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager, assuming his duties and responsibilities in his absence or when designated to do so.
  • Assist and support the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager, assuming his role when appointed, in meetings with the Client's representative for: P&ID reviews, design, 3D model, constructability, HAZOP, HSE, commissioning, etc. and officially document them.
  • Support the Engineering Manager in the analysis and monitoring of Project Change Management (NdCs) as indicated in company procedures, activating the affected disciplines to carry out the activities required in the "Notification of Changes" application, prioritizing potential change orders.
  • Assist and support the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager in the registration of engineering change control (Management of Changes (MoC)) according to the scope of the Contract.
  • Assist the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager to promote and encourage the initiatives of cost reduction plans and acceleration of the activity program.
  • Assist the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager in the preparation of the periodic Project progress report in relation to his area of ​​responsibility
  • Assist the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager in the management of Engineering resources (own and subcontracted) assigned in their area of ​​responsibility, identifying potential additional needs and in the distribution of functions and the establishment of objectives and monitoring indicators for the leaders of the discipline in charge.
  • Ensure the content and scope of the requisitions, tabulations, award recommendations and orders for materials and equipment, have the full scope of supply in accordance with the requirements of the Project.
  • Know the status reports of requisitions and status of orders for the supply of equipment and materials within his Area
  • Verify that the equipment and materials in the area under his responsibility that arrive on site are in accordance with the specifications and scope of the order.
  • Support the Engineering Manager in the analysis and monitoring of the STQs.
  • Support the Engineering Manager in the issuance and resolution of HO Engineering Instructions.
  • Assist the Project Area Manager / Engineering Manager in the planning of training sessions by TR and vendors for the Client's personnel, according to contractual requirements.
  • Know the Contract and the objectives of the Project and make sure that they are known by the rest of the team that works in his area.
  • Know the procedures, specifications and standards of the Project and ensure their application by all personnel involved in their area of responsibility.

Generic Functions:

  • Promote and encourage the identification of potential Lessons Learned, during the different phases of the Project.
  • Promote and encourage the continuous improvement process.

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