Senior Project Manager

Woking, Surrey

Senior Project Manager



We are looking for a Senior Project Manager that will manage an entire project team including project engineering management, project engineering, engineering disciplines, project services, procurement and third parties. Accountable for delivering the project or part of a project in accordance with the Contract, within budget and plan and to agreed corporate and client HSSE and Quality standards.

The Senior Project Manager is accountable to the Project Sponsor or Project Director depending on size and complexity of the Project.

Your responsibilities:

  • Typically manages and is responsible for the delivery of large/ complex FEED, detailed design, and EPC or EPCM projects.
  • Ensures project meets or exceeds all performance targets i.e. HSSE, quality, cost, schedule and customer satisfaction.
  • Provides Leadership in HSSE and QA/ QC. Approves Project HSSE and QA/QC project plans and monitors effective implementation. Supports Project and Corporate Quality Audits where necessary in relation to QA/ QC and HSSE.
  • Acts as the Contract representative with clients, suppliers, partners and third-party contractors. Negotiates terms and conditions where necessary, in accordance with company guidelines, ensuring that company & other party interests are represented.
  • Delivers maximum project margin, exceeding the as-bid target.
  • Establishing and adequately resourcing the requirements of the project, including staffing, office facilities, IT infrastructure and IM strategy, regularly reviews the demobilisation plans of the workforce and project progress in order to minimise cost and overheads wherever possible.
  • Manages the initial mobilisation of the core project team to ensure that all necessary activities are reviewed with actions appropriately assigned, timescales agreed, and relevant parties briefed, with new communication channels established where necessary.
  • Approves the Project Execution Plan (PEP) and subsidiary coordination procedures for the project. Ensures effective implementation and supports Project and Corporate Quality Audits where necessary.
  • Provides leadership for technical reviews such as HAZOP, HAZID, value engineering, design integrity, 3D Model reviews. Is supported by the Project Engineering Manager, Project Engineers and Lead Discipline Engineers in these reviews.
  • Responsible for recording, monitoring and controlling all project costs, trends, forecasts and risks including all commercial and contractual aspects of procurement and subcontracting.
  • Capable of resolving all commercial, contractual and technical issues within the project and with the Client, taking reference back to the respective Departmental/ Group Managers as required; safeguarding both company and Client interest.
  • Having regard to corporate, project and policies, including Code of Business Conduct and the strategic goals of the Company.
  • Manages the establishment of the mechanisms and specific processes and elements for external and internal progress monitoring and reporting against the project plan. Manages project personnel to ensure progress monitoring is effective and enabling control of the project budget. Ensures that a change management process is administered, and that corrective action is agreed and implemented at the appropriate level, as and when variations from plans occur.
  • Has regular meetings with the Project Management Team and communicates effectively with the entire Project Team on all key issues, to ensure awareness, clear responsibilities and accountabilities, and informed action by all members of the team.
  • Keeps the Project Sponsor regularly informed of progress and all issues of concern, including potential overrun of budget and/ or schedule, resource issues, contractual issues and client relationship issues.
  • Monitors and manages the performance of suppliers and subcontractors to determine compliance with contractual obligations. Resolves issues arising from disputes or sub-standard performance
  • Manages the preparation and presentation of the final documentation and liaises with Company for the issuance of the acceptance certificates and release of performance bonds and bank guarantees.
  • Participates in a formal review of the project with relevant parties on completion and identifies opportunities for learning and development.
  • Responsible for the timely submission of all invoices and payments by Company. Initiates payments to suppliers and subcontractors ensuring all terms and conditions have been met and securing appropriate backcharges.
  • Manages effective close-out of the Project, providing feedback and recording data and identifying lessons learned for historical purposes.
  • Ensures compliance with the company's ISO quality procedures, Project Quality Plan and Design Integrity processes and procedures. Complying with other company accredited frameworks such as ISO14001.
  • Participates in employee performance evaluations, establishes performance criteria, identifies employee strengths and weaknesses and recommends training and development requirements.
  • Accountable for the entire project budget and contract. Coordinates all activities for the successful initiation, execution and close-out of the project within project schedule and contractual requirements. Oversees all coordination between the company and Clients, Vendors, Engineering, Procurement, Sub Contractors and any other external or internal agency. Manages project to deliver gross margin.
  • Responsible for all management, commercial and technical decisions relating to the project. Consults with Project Sponsor or Project Director on major issues relating to the contract or Company relationship and implements recommendations for resolution.
  • Supervises the entire project team, including Project personnel, engineers, designers, Project Services, Procurement and all third-party contractors.
  • Duties essentially performed in the Main Office. Majority of time allocated to supervision, planning, coordination, attending meetings, critical approvals and maintaining contacts. Required to travel to other company offices, Client offices, and attend site visits as necessary, in accordance with corporate or project requirements.
  • Our team will be expected to be in the office nominally 3 days a week to help build that positive team culture.

Your knowledge/skills, education, and experience:

  • Master's degree in engineering.
  • Chartered Status preferred. Significant related project management experience working for Engineering/Client organisations in the Oil and Gas Industry and/ or Low Carbon Energy Transition industry.
  • Excellent management, delegation and leadership skills.
  • Tactfulness in resolving issues.
  • Good business acumen.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Achievement orientation.
  • Crisis responsiveness.
  • HSSE & Quality Consciousness.
  • Analytical and problem-solving mind.
  • Excellent Communication and presentation skills
  • Experience of managing FEED/Detailed Design and EPC projects.
  • Working knowledge of contract terms & conditions.
  • Knowledge of international equipment specifications and codes.
  • Knowledge of standard international specifications and codes.
  • Thorough knowledge of Safety and Quality procedures.
  • Excellent knowledge of planning and project controls.
  • Global work share experience.

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