Oil and gas jobs in Canada

Oil and gas jobs in Canada

Our ability to make expert connections within the major oil and gas hubs allow us to offer recruitment services globally. Having a base in Calgary has provided us with a direct understanding of the job market in Canada and allows the staff throughout Petroplan to better appreciate the country’s energy industry whilst offering support and resources from our offices worldwide. 

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Alberta has been producing oil since 1967 and oil and gas is one of Canada’s main industries. It is a developed country that exports the majority of its sourced energy products, which is rare in the current economic climate. As it has one of the largest reserves of oil and gas on the planet, there are a range of projects and many opportunities for work.
A work permit is required to enter a role within the energy sector in Canada. Typically a written job offer is required before the application process can be started and only workers with experience and valuable qualifications are considered, so checking eligibility before applying is recommended.

Securing the above should be an initial priority, and we can offer guidance to those in most circumstances, but working life in Canada is welcoming. The country can cater for many different lifestyles, as both the cities and rural areas possess modern amenities and property prices are more than reasonable. Healthcare and other insurances are affordable and quality of life is generally high.

We have worked in the energy industry since 1976 and are established in the Canadian marketplace since 2006. 

If you are an oil and gas professional interested in a career in Canada, discuss your situation with our Calgary team.

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