Oil and gas jobs in Ghana

Oil and gas jobs in Ghana

As recruitment specialists, industry leaders have trusted us to recruit highly skilled professionals for their oil and gas companies for nearly four decades. Our local knowledge gives us the edge because we have a genuine insight into how the oil and gas industry operates in Ghana and can offer prospective employees the tailored support they need.

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Ghana is one of the most developed countries in Africa and has some of the largest oil and gas reserves on the continent. In addition to the Jubilee Oilfield they discovered in 2007, the country is developing its oil and gas resources on the east coast. Ghana is making serious investments into its infrastructure and economy as part of the ‘Ghana Vision’ plan which aims to increase the output of oil to 2.2 million barrels a day.

To seize the opportunities that Ghana’s plentiful natural resources offer, organisations like Petroplan or a direct employer can organise work and residence permits.  The application for these permits must be made through the Ghana Immigration Office prior to your arrival into the country.

Expats in Ghana typically live around the Accra area where there are a number of international restaurants and shops. The cost of living is fairly low and workers will find that the salaries they receive will exceed what you can expect in the UK for the same role. The country’s laid back atmosphere makes Ghana an easy place to live. International private schooling is available if you’re bringing your children.

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