Oil and gas jobs in Greece

Oil and gas jobs in Greece

All of our consultants are highly trained in the oil and gas industry, which allows us to recruit the best talent in upstream, midstream and downstream drilling. It is our understanding of the specific requirements in every oil and gas market we operate in that makes us the preferred supplier of talent for industry leaders.

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While the exploration of oil and gas first began in Greece in the 1930s, it took until the 1970s when the Pinos, Katakolon and Epanomu fields were discovered and the country’s energy industry boomed. While these oil fields continue to develop in the Northern Aegean Sea with the help of the Public Power Corporation, the country aims to get at least 18% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Greece has a number of opportunities in its offshore oil and gas projects and if you want to work on these expanding fields, you’ll have to apply for your visas. Workers must first apply for a Type D working visa with which you’ll be able to secure a residence permit. The process is relatively simple but requires an official offer of employment and salary, which we will support you with.

Its Mediterranean position means that the climate is better than what you’re used to, with Olive trees, rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and a rich architectural history. Greece is renowned for its high quality of life with reasonable house prices, low crime and excellent healthcare.

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