Oil and gas jobs in Houston

Oil and gas jobs in Houston, TX

At Petroplan we provide industry professionals for conventional and non-conventional oil and gas roles across the globe. With a dedicated office in Houston we have the local knowledge and expertise to place high calibre candidates in oil and gas roles across the city because we understand how this market operates. 

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Since their discovery of oil in 1901, Houston has become a thriving city recognised internationally for its energy production and exports. More than 20 oil and gas Fortune 500 companies are based in Houston where oil and gas resources account for more than two thirds of the city’s exports, meaning there are positions to suit every energy specialism.

Working in Houston is simple if you’re a US citizen but if you are a British or Australian national, an agency may be able to secure a  work visa but the specific type will change depending on which role you’re travelling to Houston to work for. All information on these visas can be found on the US embassy website and it is best to seek advice from your future employer because the US are renowned for being strict on their immigration policies.

As one of the largest cities in the US, Houston is a great place for work and life with an incredibly diverse culture. While the humid and high temperatures can take some adjusting to, the city boasts some of the best schools and medical centres in the world. It is necessary to have a car to travel around the city as it is so large, but beware of rush hour traffic!

With a firm base in Houston, we have a genuine understanding of what it takes to work in this city.

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Whatever specialism you work in, find your next oil and gas position in Houston today. Speak to our expert team on +1 281 657 3338 or email [email protected]