Oil and gas jobs in Kuwait

Oil and gas jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is a major focus of our recruitment specialists in the Middle East, who deliver a service across the region and internationally. Our local offices and expert connections ensure we maintain a clear understanding of the oil and gas industry on a global scale.

Having been in operation since 1976, we have a genuine understanding of the regions we service and the roles contained within them. The dedication of our Kuwait focused team safeguards our performance in the region.

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Kuwait’s economic performance is tied to the oil and gas industry, which accounts for 75% of all government revenue. A high percentage of the nation’s exports and GDP is made up from petrochemical produce and there are many vast operations in the country.

Similar to other countries around the Persian Gulf, a visa is required for residence and employment within Kuwait. Due to this, it is recommended to check eligibility before beginning the application process. Once offered a job, a sponsorship from your employer will make the procedures much simpler, but Petroplan’s team can offer advice in any circumstance.

The countries tax free status, as well as no VAT or Duty tax, is a major attraction for workers of all specialisms. Low fuel costs and high salaries limit the impact of the higher cost of living and the presence of a diverse expat community assists the immediate settling period for most.

Our recruitment specialists manage permanent and contract roles that cover various positions within the oil, gas and energy industry. From Superintendents and Toolpushers to Drilling Managers, our proven approach has created new lives for our candidates.

We work with various businesses in Kuwait and know that there is more to work than the standard job requirements. Cultural fit and job satisfaction matter when moving abroad and our recruitment specialists consider this on an individual basis.

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If you have an interest in working in Kuwait and would like more information about the country or our services, please speak to our centre of excellence on +44 (0)203 725 8840 or visit our contact us page for more details.