Oil and gas jobs in Malaysia

Oil and gas jobs in Malaysia

Founded by two engineers and operating since 1976, we are a truly global company that have the expertise to recruit oil and gas professionals who excel in their field. At Petroplan, our office in Singapore gives us a genuine insight into the local oil and gas industry in Malaysia, enabling us to place you in the role best suited to your specialism. 

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One of the most megadiverse countries in the world, Malaysia has the fourth largest oil and gas reserves in Southeast Asia. With these resources, the country produces just under 30,000 megawatts of energy a year and their energy industry is dominated by the Tenega Nasoil Company.  There are a number of offshore refineries on Malaysia’s coastline and these will likely increase as part of the country’s 2020 Vision.

Depending on the length of your contract in Malaysia, you may need a business visa if you’re for working in the country for 3 months, but there is a possibility to extend this. However, if your oil and gas contract is for a few years then Malaysia offers a second home programme. Our local team are on hand to guide you through the application process and offer support where needed.

Whether you’re looking for home comforts in Western Shops and high rise buildings, or you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, Malaysia has everything you could need. The quality of healthcare, transport and safety are all incredibly high, which makes Malaysia the ideal place to establish your oil and gas career, especially if you’re bringing your family.

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