Oil and gas jobs in Qatar

Oil and gas jobs in Qatar

Our recruitment experts and global connections allow us to support international recruitment in the Energy sector. Our Qatar service is focused exclusively on the country and the oil and gas jobs within it. Each nation we operate in has its own specific requirements, but we appreciate this and recognise the distinct differences each region brings.

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Qatar’s economy has flourished since the discovery of oil and its GDP is now amongst the highest in the world. The country’s low tax rates regularly attract established professionals and the ongoing performance of the industry provides them with many employment opportunities.

Following a sponsorship from an employer, receiving the visa that is required to live and work in Qatar is usually simple. The potential earnings make this necessity more than beneficial and Petroplan can assist throughout the application process.

The climate, earning potential and low crime rates make Qatar a desirable location. The cost of living is offset by high salaries and mostly tax free status for employees. The existence of a large expat community is also a valuable asset for those who move on their own for work.

Since being formed in 1976, we have built partnerships with many international organisations, including some who are based within Qatar. We have almost forty years’ experience in the oil, gas and energy industry and can meet the requirements of any recruitment drive.

Our service and support are both proven and adaptable, enabling us to meet the unique needs of each candidate. We know the details of each role we handle and place the demands of the individuals we work with at the fore of our recruitment solution.

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If the potential of an oil and gas career in Qatar appeals to you and you require more information, discuss your situation with a member of our team today. Visit our contact us page for our various contact details.