Oil and gas jobs in South Africa

Oil and gas jobs in South Africa

To meet the unique demands of the South African Energy sector we have a team of recruitment experts and an office in Cape Town focused solely on the region and the candidates who are looking for opportunities there. 

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South Africa holds a large amount of natural resources and has the richest economy in Africa. The operations throughout the country incorporate many different areas, including thorough exploration and the drilling of deep-water wells. There is a constant requirement for staff trained in mining, engineering and construction, as well as the ground-breaking technologies within these industries.

Entering employment within South Africa requires a work permit and a visa. There is a selection of different permits that include general, exceptional skills, intra-company and quota permits – which are designed to combat specific skills shortages. Petroplan are able to answer any queries that may arise before or during the visa application process.

Cape Town and Johannesburg are popular places for expats to settle, but there are also large rural areas that offer an alternative to modern city living. There are opportunities for people to find a relaxed pace of life or all the hustle expected from a busy city. The combination of a warm climate and excellent infrastructure make South Africa a good option for professionals looking for a variety of leisure and business activities.

There are a selection of permanent and contract roles available in many disciplines within South Africa’s energy sector. We understand that meeting the required skills of a job listing alone is not the key to a rewarding career and only look to put our candidates into positions that fully meet their own requirements. 

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If you have thought about a new life in South Africa and want to talk to us about our services or the country itself, you can always contact us through the information on the Contact Us page