Oil and gas jobs in the UAE

Oil and gas jobs in the UAE

Our offices, and expert connections cover a global reach and our dedicated United Arab Emirates service is focused on delivering a recruitment solution across the region.

We understand the specifics of each role we handle and the complexities for every location we work in. Our office  in Dubai grants us a genuine insight into the area and why working here can be a rewarding experience.

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In recent times the UAE has become a major economic force and a significant part of the country’s GDP comes from the oil and gas industry. The strong performance of the sector and the thriving locations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi mean the UAE contains an array of opportunities.

Visas are required for residency and employment within the UAE, however Petroplan can assist in the application of documents. Providing you are sponsored by an employer, attaining a visa isn’t too difficult and the career prospects make the process more than worthwhile.

As the UAE is only a reasonable flight away from Europe and English is spoken throughout the region, the modern cities and pleasant climate are significant draws. The low tax rates continue to attract professionals looking to further their careers in a different, lucrative environment.

With over 38 years’ experience in recruiting globally for the oil and gas sector, we are able to successfully recruit for everything from engineering and exploration jobs to drilling and support roles.

We have developed strong links with companies of various sizes in the UAE. Alongside the typical job requirements, the skills and experience, we consider the cultural fit with each of our hires. When moving to a new location, some careful consideration can ensure you feel at home no matter how far you have travelled.

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