Boxing clever in your job search

The perception of finding the perfect candidate for employers or the dream role if you are a candidate is that the process should be programmatic to allow for fair evaluation of candidates. However, just like employers spend time and energy on candidate attraction through honing their employer brand and spreading the message through recruitment communications campaigns, candidates don’t have to follow the tried and tested route of submitting a CV or completing an application form.

Petroplan, is a global recruitment business specializing in oil,gas and energy talent. The market in which we operate has been hit hard by the downturn in oil prices over the last 18 months and we have seen candidates increasingly make their personal brand stand out both online but also in other ways.

Our specialist recruiter for Subsea engineering received an intriguing package through the post. It was an application to register with the agency but not a letter or a CV rather a box which contained a mini figure character. The applicant is Brett Clarke, a subsea engineer with 10 years experience and a multidiscipline background. This candidate is available due to the market downturn in Aberdeen where he has been working as a Senior Project Engineer.

This approach shows not only creativity and an appreciation of his personal brand but has inspired us to share his idea to the benefit of other oil and gas professionals who are looking to stand-out in a crowded job seeker market.

So although Brett’s skills are impressive having worked on Inspection, Repair and Maintenance workscopes through to full turnkey projects using procedural documentation to ensure the operation runs smoothly, his direct response mailing illustrates his tenacity to get the job done – this time closing his next career move.

We think he’s a great hire but we haven’t found him the perfect role yet and we’d love to get him back offshore.

Instead of ticking boxes he has made a box himself. C

ontact [email protected] for your Brett box. He is happy to consider staff or contract positions. Brett has gone the extra mile to get himself noticed so we want to go the extra mile to get him his next job.




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