Recruiters are here to help you get the right role faster. There's a lot you can do to help make that happen.


Maybe it's your first time working with recruiters, or maybe it's been a while. Whatever your immediate situation, a productive working relationship with a recruiter can be a major advantage in your job search.

We spoke to a number of recruiters across our global teams to provide definitive advice about making the most of your relationship with your recruiter. The result is some honest advice to help your working relationship flourish. 


Establish Clear Communication Channels

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and it holds true for the partnership between job seekers and recruiters. Maintain open lines of communication through emails, phone calls, and, if feasible, in-person meetings. Respond to messages promptly to demonstrate your commitment and professionalism. This also ensures that you stay updated on potential job opportunities and any feedback from interviews.

Be Transparent and Honest

Transparency and honesty are paramount when working with a recruiter. Provide accurate information about your skills, experience, career goals, and expectations. This enables the recruiter to make precise matches between your profile and suitable job openings. Additionally, be upfront about any limitations or preferences you may have, such as desired salary, location, or specific industries of interest.

Define Your Career Goals

Clearly articulate your short-term and long-term career aspirations to the recruiter. Share your vision for your professional journey, and discuss the types of roles and companies that align with your objectives. This insight helps the recruiter target opportunities that are in sync with your career trajectory.

Stay Informed and Engaged

Demonstrate your commitment to the job search process by staying informed about industry trends, market dynamics, and emerging opportunities. Engage in discussions with the recruiter about the companies and roles they are representing. This not only showcases your proactive approach but also provides valuable insights for the recruiter to fine-tune their search on your behalf.

Ask Questions and Seek Advice

Recruiters are valuable sources of industry knowledge and job market expertise. Ask questions about specific companies, industries, or job roles to gain deeper insights. Seek their advice on resume optimization, interview techniques, and overall job search strategy. Their input can be invaluable in presenting yourself as a strong candidate.

Provide Constructive Feedback

If you encounter opportunities that aren't the right fit for you, take the time to explain your reasons to the recruiter. Constructive feedback helps them refine their search and ensures that future opportunities presented are better aligned with your goals and preferences.

Show Appreciation and Gratitude

Acknowledging the efforts of a recruiter can go a long way in building a positive rapport. Express your gratitude for their assistance, whether it's through a simple thank-you note or a sincere acknowledgment of their hard work. This not only shows your professionalism but also reinforces the partnership.

Maintain Professionalism at All Times

Treat the recruiter with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. Remember that they are acting as a bridge between you and potential employers. Displaying a high level of professionalism in your interactions leaves a lasting impression and enhances the quality of your working relationship.

Follow Up After Interviews

After interviews, promptly follow up with the recruiter to share your thoughts and impressions. This feedback is valuable for both parties, as it helps the recruiter understand how well the opportunity aligns with your expectations and provides insights for potential adjustments in the search strategy.

Stay Patient and Persistent

The job search process can be challenging and may take time. Stay patient and persistent, and trust in the recruiter's efforts to find the right fit for you. Maintain a positive outlook and continue to collaborate with the recruiter in refining your search criteria as needed.


Maintaining a positive and productive relationship with a recruiter can significantly enhance your job search experience. By fostering open communication, demonstrating transparency, and actively engaging in the process, you create a foundation for success. Remember, a recruiter's ultimate goal is to help you find the right opportunity, and a collaborative effort between you and the recruiter is key to achieving that goal. By following these strategies, you can build and nurture a strong professional partnership that benefits both parties in the long run.

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