Our greatest strength is making your teams stronger.

Petroplan's Contract Hire teams offer a strategic solution to meet your short-term, project-based, or specialized staffing needs. With a pool of highly skilled professionals, we empower businesses to scale up or down efficiently, ensuring you have the right talent when and where you need it.

Expertise on Demand

Our extensive network of professionals spans across industries, ensuring that we can swiftly connect you with the expertise required for your specific projects. Whether you need IT specialists, marketing professionals, engineers, or administrative support, we have the talent pool to match your requirements.


Hiring full-time employees comes with a range of costs, including salaries, benefits, and onboarding expenses. With contract staffing, you have the ability to access top-tier talent without the long-term financial commitment. This allows you to allocate your budget more efficiently, optimizing resources for other critical aspects of your business.

Rapid Response to Market Changes

In a fast-paced business environment, being able to respond swiftly to market shifts can be a game-changer. Our contract staffing services enable you to quickly augment your workforce in response to new projects, sudden surges in demand, or unexpected vacancies. This agility gives you a competitive edge in seizing opportunities and mitigating risks.

Reduced Administrative Burden

We handle all administrative tasks associated with contract staffing, including payroll, benefits, and compliance. This allows you to focus on your core business activities, knowing that the legal and regulatory aspects of staffing are in expert hands. Our team ensures that all aspects of employment, from taxes to benefits, are managed seamlessly.

Access to Specialized Skills

Certain projects require specialized knowledge or technical skills that may not be readily available within your existing team. Our contract staffing services provide access to professionals with niche expertise, ensuring that your projects are executed with precision and efficiency.

Mitigated Risk

With contract staffing, you have the flexibility to assess a candidate's performance before making a long-term commitment. This "try-before-you-buy" approach minimizes the risk associated with full-time hires and allows you to ensure that a candidate is the right fit for your organization.


How Our Process Works

Consultation and Needs Assessment: Our team works closely with you to understand your specific staffing needs, project requirements, and organizational goals.

Candidate Sourcing and Screening: We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify the most suitable candidates for your project.

Interview and Selection: You have the opportunity to interview and assess potential candidates to ensure they align with your project's objectives and cultural fit.

Onboarding and Integration: We handle all administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for the selected candidate.

Ongoing Support and Management: Throughout the contract period, we maintain regular communication with both you and the contractor to ensure a seamless working relationship.


Our Contract Staffing Services offer a flexible, cost-effective solution to meet your temporary and project-based staffing needs. With a focus on quality, expertise, and seamless integration, we enable you to build a dynamic workforce that can adapt to the ever-changing demands of your business. Partner with us to unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity in your projects. Contact us today to explore how our Contract Staffing Services can benefit your organization.

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