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Empowering Excellence: Transforming the way we service recruiters, clients and contractors.

“Traditional business structures often have a definite divide between sales and operations. Petroplan’s Business Support function is different, and the expectation of this function is that Business Support operates alongside the Sales side of the business driving exceptional service and support. At the heart, it’s all about providing a personal service and building relationships, irrespective of which stakeholder you are working with.”

Helen Fowler, VP – Global Business Support


In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, adaptability and innovation remain the cornerstones of success. Recognising this, Petroplan is thrilled to announce a paradigm shift in its Contracts and Mobilisation team, symbolising a profound commitment to progress, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. This transformative journey encompasses a change in the traditional customer service practices, a refined role definition, and a renewed focus on client-centricity – both internal and external.

Starting July 1st, the Contracts and Mobilisation team embraced its new identity as the Global Business Support team. This change signifies a shift in mindset and approach. The team's core objective remains steadfast: to facilitate the onboarding process with unparalleled efficiency and compliance. Yet, now it aspires to be more than just a support function; it aspires to be a proactive partner, delivering exceptional value across the full cycle of talent acquisition.

Leading this transformative journey is Helen Fowler, who now assumes the role of Vice President, Global Business Support. Helen's ascendancy to this pivotal role is not just a change in leadership; it's a testament to Petroplan's commitment to placing the right people in the right positions. With an extensive understanding of Petroplan's ethos and operations, Helen is armed with a profound insight that only comes from being part of the organisation's fabric.


Why change?

Helen explained to us the rationale behind this innovative shift:

“The rationale behind building a Global Business Support function is to have a team that are fully aligned to Petroplan’s values and culture, with a common purpose and goal, resulting in the provision of exceptional service and support to our contractors, clients, and co-workers consistently across each region of the business. We want our contractors and clients to be immersed in Petroplan’s Culture.

The Business Support Managers and Business Support Consultants within this function are in many ways the ‘First Responders’ and ‘Care Givers’ of our business, internally to our recruitment team and externally for our contractors and clients. “


360° Support

“Internally the Business Support team will collaborate with our recruiters and their clients before contractors are onboarded, understanding our clients’ needs at the time of engagement ensuring our onboarding process aligns with our clients’ requirements.

Taking a caring and consultative approach, the Business Support team are fully responsible for walking our contractors through the entire onboarding process, to ensure they are ready to start their assignment with confidence.

The relationship doesn’t end there, the Business Support team will take a proactive approach and continue to maintain a relationship with our contractors throughout their assignment, helping at any time. They are also ready to support our clients, handling and fielding issues and queries to ensure client needs are taken care of professionally and efficiently. It’s all about continuing to provide a premium service and building ongoing relationships.”


Flexible Approach, Common Goal

Petroplan’s Business Support team spreads across 7 time zones – from Calgary to Malaysia. “Whilst we are striving to achieve common goals, it’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all, and the approach and journey to reach a common goal might look different from one region to another, depending on the size and culture of the team and the maturity of the region with respect to processes, procedures and infrastructure already in place.”

Helen and her team realise the challenges arising from different regions, cultures, projects and requirements and are determined to provide tailored solutions while ensuring an overall high quality service.


Helen’s leadership prowess is not limited to her technical competence; it's underpinned by a deep-seated belief in the essence of compliance and customer service and a strong commitment to consistency and excellence. Helen's alignment with Petroplan's ethos is a catalyst for this transformation.

“I am thrilled and excited for the opportunity to lead this global team. When you introduce common goals, to a group of people who are brought into a global set of values and company culture, you create a sense of overall purpose. This opens the gateway for engagement and collaboration which will lead to the team feeling like they are part of something great. The success of this global Business Support function will come down to the simple fact that I have a team of amazing individuals who are committed to embracing new challenges, willing to step out their comfort zone and stretch themselves to new capabilities.”


With dedicated Business Support Managers and Consultants in every region, Petroplan's Global Business Support team is poised to redefine quality in customer service. This transformation isn't just about functional efficiency; it's about instilling a sense of partnership and trust, about Petroplan's commitment to progress, customer-centricity, and compliance. It's about being more than just a facilitator; it's about being an enabler of Petroplan's vision, both for the organisation and its clients.

It’s Petroplan’s promise to empower excellence in every endeavour.

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