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Petroplan supports one of the world’s largest commodity producers, processors and traders on the recruitment of its talent within its oil and gas exploration and production division specifically centred around their exploration and drilling programmes.


Contractor management transition, mobilisation and recruitment services Initially, Petroplan mobilized over 40 contractors from Spring 2016 for two sites within Chad. The contractor recruitment and mobilization involved the transfer of contractors from another provider. This work included the management of the contract agreements with employees, as well as the regular onboarding activities such as organizing medicals, insurance, visas, tax compliance, travel and administration. Petroplan has specialized in contractor logistics for over 40 years all over the world, although Chad, as with all countries come s with its specific legal employment compliance issues. From the initial onboarding programme, Petroplan’s team based in London have now earned the right to recruit for roles that include functions such as: document control, facilities engineering, drilling management and engineering, surveying and site supervision.


Petroplan’s team has used its strong oil and gas candidate community from which to source and place great professionals available within the industry with experience of working in North Africa or similar environments. Wherever possible the Petroplan recruitment team will look to locate national talent, however, this is often more likely within the trade roles. As such, it is all the more important that Petroplan build a good onsite contractor team to ensure there is a strong skillset amongst the key disciplines that are able to work alongside local teams. The contract mobilisation consultant team are as important as the recruiters in ensuring the right talent can be ready to add value to a project from day one. They focus on speedily onboarding contractors. And their success in this has resulted in positive the feedback from contractors due to no only accurate payments but also the quick resolution of queries with 24 hours. This kind of service is especially important as the territory of Chad is not the most attractive from a talent acquisition perspective.

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