Job application process standards

Standardising the job application process for all

In our world of recruitment, there are a lot of different cultural norms with regards to applying for a job and many different ways of responding to a job advert. Petroplan’s new website standardises the job application process to make sure every candidate gets the same experience.

Culture has it’s own way of doing things

In different parts of the world people do things in different ways.  We often base our approach to processes such as applying for a job based on our world view. For Petroplan with offices in North America and the UK, we try to make a real effort to walk in the shoes of candidates from outside this predominantly English language biased region. Job seekers across the world for example can approach this from a very formal application to sharing quite personal details about their family status for example. This differs from country to country.

In the job application process, not only will the content of applications differ but also the chosen channels for communication will be different.

Petroplan has noticed through user experience research that people:

  • expect an e-mail address in order to forward their CV
  • post their phone numbers in comments to posts on Facebook
  • expect recruiters to “Review” their LinkedIn profile
  • retweet/like the job posts but never click on the link to apply
  • reply to a post with a website link telling them to click and apply and ask how to apply
  • reply to an e-mail with their CV attached when this e-mail tells them not to reply and go to a website and upload a CV

What do we understand from this behaviour? Especially when it can be characteristic of applicants from particular regions.

People are used to doing things their own way.

Petroplan understands culture – but sees a digital future

Because of this, through Petroplan’s continuous improvement programme, we are constantly changing our website, social media posts and e-mails in general  to encourage people to take part in a standardised application process through the website.

This allows us to:

  • make sure that everyone applying has the entry level digital skills needed for the future of the industry
  • perform basic digital actions to identify their talents more easily
  • confirm they speak the required language sufficiently to understand written instructions
  • make sure language and process barriers will not preclude them from a future role
  • make it easy for candidates to add, change or remove information stored by Petroplan to comply with data protection regulations

Why standardise?

In the news, there are lots of articles about oil, gas and energy and the way that industries are changing. This allows many companies to progress and require more skills for use  in the “digital oil field” for example. Petroplan – as a forward thinking oil, gas and energy recruitment company – has started to build a community of candidates that have at least an understanding of online information requirements. This will be a key skill as more data is recorded in this way in most job roles.

To register and apply for a job at Petroplan, we ask candidates to complete only a few fields and to upload their CV/Resume. And of course agree to the terms and conditions around retaining their data. It might seem simple to many online job seekers, however, we remain mindful that this first step on finding the right job is unfamiliar to many who may have been securing work in the energy industry through more personal first encounters.

Our advice to candidates is to keep personal details safe and utilise reputable online job application processes such as those on Finally, take the time to understand the information required to make sure you have completed the key information that recruiters will use to identify your relevant skills.




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