Oil and gas jobs in Norway

Oil and gas jobs in Norway

Whatever your specialism, you can rely on our recruitment consultants to find you the best role in upstream, downstream and offshore drilling in Norway. Since 1976, we have grown and now have a dedicated office in Norway, which gives us a unique understanding of the country’s oil and gas market.

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Covering almost 400sq km, Norway has developed its natural resources to become the biggest producer of oil and gas outside the Middle East. Since the discovery of oil and gas in the 1960s, over 5,085 wells have been drilled around Norway’s coastline in the North Sea. The petroleum industry accounts for a significant part of Norway’s GDP and this will increase with the exploration of the Wisting Canal and Castberg oil field.

There is a high demand for skilled offshore workers to contribute to Norway’s oil and gas industry, luckily the process of moving here is relatively simple. If you’re a member of the EU then the only requirement is that you have vocational training or a degree in an oil and gas related subject. You can double check on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website for more details and one of our team will support you throughout your move.

With a high standard of living and a strong job market, Norway is a great place to develop your oil and gas career. A wealthy country that has excellent health care and security, Norway boasts some of the most breath-taking fjords and landscapes, which makes it ideal if you’re wanting to relocate with your family.

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