Whatever we're doing, we're governed by our vision, mission and core values.


These are the behaviors which drive us to serve our customers and our community to the very best of our ability. Whenever decisions are difficult, or circumstances challenge us, we make our decisions based on a deep commitment to the things we believe in. These guiding principals are shared by everyone at Petroplan, from the back office to the front. At every level of leadership, we're held accountable to these values, and we will not compromise on their importance. 


We envision a future where the global energy industry is built on the highest levels of expertise, mutual trust and focus, a world where hard work, integrity and innovation move us all forward together.


We are here to make a genuine difference to the industry we serve. We are delivering real value through effective partnerships with  the businesses, communities and people that engage with us. We’re proud of the high quality of our work and committed to sustaining it, wherever that work takes us. We are not just recruiters, we are agents of change.




Trust is at the heart of our relationships, which are built on transparency, integrity, and reliability.

Client facing and commercial

Whatever we do our clients come first, and it is our goal to deliver the most commercial solution to whatever challenge we face. After 45 years working in the energy industry we developed a level of expertise which is the equal of anyone. We believe in continuous learning and have well established personal development plans for all our people

Consultative and collaborative

We champion initiative, empowering every team member to take proactive strides, seize opportunities, and turn ideas into action. We work together, and with you, to design and deliver the best solution to fit your needs

Caring and committed

We care passionately about delivering the right solution to you, and our team will work tirelessly to meet our commitments to you. 


Together, these values form the core of our identity, shaping a dynamic and collaborative environment where innovation thrives, initiatives flourish, trust is paramount, and focus propels us towards enduring success.

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