Efficient mobilisation and payrolling for contractors

Work Location: Canada

Industry: Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Exploration and Development.

Work type: Corporate and on-site.

Job disciplines: Corporate, Site administration, Commissioning, Quality Control and Construction.

Key Services: Recruitment, Mobilization and Payrolling.

Background: From 2005 Petroplan mobilized and payrolled oil industry professional contractors with this major Canadian oil operator headquartered in Calgary, Alberta for an Energy Project within the oil sands territory.

Solution focus: Efficient mobilisation and payrolling
Initially, Petroplan concentrated on mobilizing nominated contractors to roles that included those required in the early conception of the project with corporate, site administration and commissioning roles. As the project expanded, so did Petroplan’s role in sourcing and mobilizing Canadian talent. There has been a particular focus on build CSU lead and management networks.

Outcomes: Motivated contractors delivering value from day one
As a result of the great feedback from the contractors who mobilized and were payrolled via Petroplan, the team in Petroplan Canada earned the right to source and screen for roles for another 10 years until the oil downturn reduced the recruitment requirements. Being able to efficiently payroll within 7 days and having a local support team in place to work with the Canadian workforce is still a major benefit of working with the Petroplan Canada team.

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