Social Media for Candidate Attraction

Candidate Attraction is Social and Happens Everyday

When employers work with Petroplan they see the skills of our talented recruitment consultants. However less visible is the fact that  Petroplan runs campaigns using social media  for candidate attraction, online every day. This can take the form of optimising our job adverts or as engaging campaigns with a competition element , advice or insightful reports.

How to use Social Media for Candidate Attraction

The candidate database  is continually refreshed by attracting oil and gas professionals to register with us. This brand engagement happens in the professional social and online marketing channels such as LinkedIn and job boards. However, presenting the Petroplan Brand and its opportunities within other more consumer focused online hangouts can  catch the eye of potential but passive candidates. This achieves three objectives:

  1. Using social media for candidate attraction builds a much larger network beyond the very competitive active communities
  2. Presents the brand to people not currently looking. This builds familiarity.
  3. The Petroplan brand is relevant and trusted within the sector not just as a transactional route to jobs.

Getting from Brand Awareness to the Best Candidates

Petroplan has the operations and technology available to sift the interested people in the industry from those that also possess the relevant skills that would be appropriate for employers.

We manage all applications and enquiries in a market leading database. Therefore our consultants have quick access to people with skills relevant for more than one application. For internal hiring departments this can be time-consuming and out-of-scope as they need to react to operational requirements.

Recognition of the Innovative use of Social Media

Onrec, an organisation that supports the best use of online recruitment, awarded Petroplan ‘the best use of social media in recruitment’ in 2017. It is normal that job board companies and corporate recruitment brands receive these kind of accolades. In addition for a specialist recruiter to win illustrates that the more targeted your approach the more engaging you are to your audience!

Sharing our Knowledge

Finally, the marketing team at Petroplan are keen to share our learnings and knowledge of the application of social media for candidate attraction within the oil and gas community. Please get in touch with a Petroplan recruitment consultant to find out how we can help.

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