There are few elements of the global engineering industry that impact everyone's day-to-day experience to the same extent as infrastruture. 

Each year, in almost every country on earth, billions of dollars are invested in securing the safety and functionality of the built environment. These projects dictate the quality of so many aspects of everyday life. From the roads on which we drive to the water we drink, every element of our daily lives depends upon the design, construction and maintenance of our man-made world.

Digital Infrastructure

In the 21st Century, infrastructure means so much more than roads and buildings. The digital world, and everything that supports its availability, requires constant upgrade.

We cannot know what technological advancements lie in store for us all in the coming years. What we can say without question is that they will require new systems, new software and new locations to make them a reality. Above all, they will require new skills. Regardless of the ongoing march of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we will not get where we’re going without the people who will conceive, design and build the next generation of equipment and services. Petroplan has been at the cutting edge of the last forty years of progress, and we’ll be here for the next forty.

Transportation Infrastructure

Well-developed and efficiently operated transportation systems are essential for connectivity, economic growth and the prosperity of communities all over the world.

Alongside exciting new projects, the task of securing and upgrading existing transport infrastructure never ends. On our roads and highways, in the tunnels of our underground mass transit systems, and in the airports that make our world smaller than we could have imagined when Petroplan was founded, you’ll find our people.

Energy Infrastructure

Nobody knows energy better than we do; it’s been in our DNA since day one. Now, we’re so much more than Oil & Gas. As the industry evolved, our services evolved alongside it, branching outward to meet new sources of energy and contribute to their rapid assimilation into our energy infrastructure. Whatever emerged to challenge our clients, we were standing by with the people they needed, people we brought into our community through years of relationship building and delivery.

That’s how we’ve been able to take a leading position in supporting the LNG industry, connecting people, projects and companies as the transportation and distribution of liquified natural gas becomes a central objective wherever natural gas is abundant.  

If you want to play your part in building and maintaining the world we live in, engage with us today. Opportunity is everywhere.

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