With the world looking to clean energy for sustaining growth, and with ever more ambitious targets being set, the challenges facing the Renewables sector are immense. And Petroplan is dedicated to helping the industry succeed.

We're invested in Renewables

Petroplan is investing significantly in the Renewables sector, with our main focus on wind and solar. We have made sure we have the expert teams that will guarantee our clients and candidates commercial and career success.

Making the change happen

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, driven by political policy and consumer demand, we stand ready to meet your challenges – to provide you with the highly expert people you need to make it happen.

As we pave the way to the future, our global team of specialist consultants provide our Renewable Energy clients with sector-specific experts for all project stages, from feasibility studies to construction, commissioning and operations.

We are focused on achieving the right career outcomes for candidates and the best commercial outcomes for employers.

Here are some of the key areas where we can support you:

Wind Power

  • Design, Feasibility and Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Project Controls
  • Engineering 
  • Commercial, Technology, Executive & C-Suite 



Solar Power

  • Development & Construction
  • Engineering
  • Panel Installation, Operations & Maintenance
  • Energy Storage

Hydroelectric & Geothermal

  • Development & Design
  • Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Commercial, Technology, C-Suite 

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Let's talk

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