Natural Resources

We're committed to harnessing the earth's natural resources efficiently and responsibly.

Our people are delivering the energy we need to power our lives as we work toward energy transition. Petroplan was born and raised in the Oil & Gas industry. As we expanded and diversified our footprint over decades, we never turned away from our roots. To this day, we're engaged with hiring companies and professionals cross the full spectrum of Oil & Gas.

Upstream Oil & Gas 

Our people have decades of proven expertise in exploration and production.  Our goal is to build teams of professionals who can efficiently and safely extract valuable hydrocarbon resources, so that our clients can focus on productivity. As major LNG projects continue to emerge, supplementing traditional Oil & Gas projects, the demand for qualified and capable people has never been greater.

Midstream Oil & Gas 

The transportation and storage of hydrocarbons provide opportunities to invest in technologies and practices that reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. Petroplan’s project portfolio includes pipelines, terminals and transportation networks, moving crude oil, natural gas, and other products from production sites to refineries, distribution centers, and end consumers.

Downstream Oil & Gas 

While hydrocarbons remain critical to daily life, we remain committed to providing the expertise necessary to ensure that refined products reach the consumer in the right way. Global energy security increasingly depends on robust infrastructure and smooth-running supply chains; our clients rely on us to keep the wheels turning.


From design to construction, we’ve been actively involved in delivering some of the world’s largest Engineering, Procurement & Construction projects. The sheer scale of these projects can stretch even the largest of engineering and construction specialists. Building oil refineries, chemical plants and LNG terminals can require an active workforce for years. As competing opportunities come and go, drawing resources away, the task of replenishing and managing workforces lasts the entire length of the project. That’s why EPC employers turn to Petroplan. Anything that threatens the successful completion of these projects threatens the entire industry’s ability to deliver on the world’s energy needs.


With extensive experience in LNG projects worldwide, Petroplan has successfully delivered top-tier staffing solutions. From engineers to project managers, our specialized recruitment process ensures the right talent for every aspect of LNG ventures. Trust Petroplan for unmatched expertise in staffing LNG projects, driving success across the industry.

Mining & Minerals

Drawing on a wealth of experience in the mining and minerals sector, Petroplan excels in providing top-notch staffing solutions tailored to diverse project requirements. From skilled miners to expert geologists, our meticulous recruitment approach ensures precise matches for every facet of mining operations.

If you’d like to talk about your future in energy, whatever your focus might be, we’re ready to talk to you.