Training and Skills Verification

An Industry Requirement

The oil and gas industry has many specialist jobs which often involve working within hazardous environments. These environments map the world, from dangerous deep waters , tropical conditions and of course in barren desert locations. Training and Skills Verification is essential to ensure work is carried out safely by qualified personnel. This protects everyone.


Petroplan has placed many professionals in offshore locations such as the North Sea where tickets, training documents and experience must be up-to-date across the spectrum of workers. Many of these documents must be from authentic educational establishments in order to ensure employer and Petroplan’s insurances are applicable.


We also place technical specialists in a range of onshore client site situations. There is an equal need for relevant training to take place and confirmation that qualifications are in order. Many clients in locations such as Alberta, Canada have very rigorous health and safety commitments. We work with these organisations to ensure contractors at every level meet the training and skills standards required.

Verifying the validity of qualifications is something our contractor management consultants double check day in – day out. Petroplan’s recruitment consultants understand the importance too and will have collected the documentation early in the recruitment process. However, having a dedicated resource to quality check the compliance of documents at the point of mobilisation is critical. In places such as the Middle East, mobilisation can be a long process while the local employment authorities take time to issue visas. We check that qualifications haven’t expired in the meantime.

A Formal Pre-Assignment Process for Training and Skills Verification

Petroplan’s formal Training and Skills Verification programme forms part of our integrated pre-assignment guidance programme of activities. We designed this to ensure Petroplan contractors have the right training and skills when working on high- and medium-risk contracts. We check contractors are in possession of valid evidence to meet the contractual arrangements between the client and Petroplan.

Before a Petroplan place a contractor within a client’s organisation, the client and Petroplan must jointly agree the training and skills requirements. We also agree which party should be responsible for providing and managing the training to ensure the contractor has the right skills for their job role.

Two matrices are used to manage the training and skills verification process for contractors placed within a client’s organisation. One covers the training requirements for all roles supplied as part of the contract and the other covers all named Petroplan contractors – and is used to manage individual training requirements; including follow ups and reminders with regard to training due to expire / requiring re-verification, etc.

Skills Verification

Although it is important to check qualifications and as described earlier we have formal pre-assignment guidance for this, our recruitment consultants begin this process. Our recruitment team also probe and look for evidence of the candidate’s competence beyond the paper trail. Consultants will confirm references, speak with ex-colleagues in the candidate’s network to get a deeper understanding of their experience..

As Petroplan has been a specialist recruiter in the oil and gas market for over 40 years, we often already have background information for the candidate within our database. We can assess history such as success and tenure at other clients. At the client’s request and with the candidate’s request we can also run background and screening checks.

Keeping everyone safe

Petroplan commits to placing the best candidate for the best roles in the industry. Our focus on health and safety plus our experience of placing oil and gas professionals for many decades means this is second nature. We have reporting and automated data processes to record and check but our people make the difference. From recruiter, to contractor mobilisation consultant, account management and payrolling teams we pay attention to the details.

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