Emergency Response

Medical Emergency Contacts and Emergency Response



If you are contracting with Petroplan and on a business trip or working outside of your country of domicile and need help, please contact Chubb Assistance in the first instance:

Medical Emergency Provider: 
Zurich Insurance Plc.

24/7 Emergency Call-out Number Chubb

+44 (0)203856 1045

Policy Number

E-mail:  A&[email protected]

Please quote the following information:

  • The name of the injured person
  • The telephone, email or facsimile number that the insured person can be contacted on
  • The address where the insured person is located
  • The nature of the emergency and assistance required
  • Our name – Petroplan Europe Ltd
  • The name of any attending doctor 



Petroplan has established an Emergency Response room at the Petroplan head office to handle major incidents such as a critical security event or accident involving injury to multiple people. Please call the 24/7 Emergency Call-out Number below as soon as you become aware of such an incident:


24/7 Emergency Call-out Numbers

EMEA: +44 (0)20 3856 1045
USA: +1 (832) 778-5328
Canada: +1 (587) 883-8578

You will be put in contact with a senior management team member who will advise on how to proceed. Please have the following information available before making the call:

  • What has happened
  • Where has it happened
  • Current status of personnel (if known)

There are no dedicated telephone numbers for local Petroplan offices and in emergencies, they can be contacted through the 24/7 emergency response number above.

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