Subsurface Engineering Jobs

Subsurface Engineering Jobs & Vacancies

At Petroplan, we take the time to get to the bottom of what you want from your engineering career. Subsurface engineers are required to travel the world, but we help you to feel right at home with our offices that reach across 6 continents. Founded by 2 engineers almost 40 years ago, it’s safe to say that we understand the demands of the oil and gas market and you can trust us to understand your needs too.

Get beneath the surface

Wells are the centre point of any oil and gas operation and where there is one that needs excavating, extending or decommissioning, there is a subsurface engineer.

A subsurface engineer could be brought in before a well has been dug to determine the most appropriate and efficient design for the extraction of oil or gas. Once the design of the well has been determined, the subsurface engineer will instruct the client about the best approach, techniques and tools that should be used to harness as much oil as possible. This requires a working knowledge of the latest upgrades in existing well equipment and the instruction of a skilled team that can work on the well site.

Communication is essential as you’ll be moving around and working with different teams so must be able to explain your plans and improvements persuasively. The ability to resolve any issues is key because testing may throw a spanner in the works or an existing system might simply be underperforming.

The common subsurface roles Petroplan assists with are:

  • Geologists
  • Operations Geologist
  • Petrophysicist
  • Geophysicists
  • Data Managers
  • Exploration Managers
  • Reservoir Managers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Subsurface Managers
  • Petroleum Engineers

You’ve probably just scratched the surface so why not let us help us help you to find your next role by browsing the vacancies below: