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Where else will you find a specialist talent solutions partner, dedicated exclusively to the Energy industry, with the experience and proven track record of Petroplan?

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Our commitment to "provide exceptional talent solutions to the energy industry" is not just our enduring vision and company mantra.

Since 1976 it has been the secret to our success; the singular, driving thought behind the way we've developed our business: to provide the very best talent solutions in the world to the Energy industry.

No other similar business can match our depth of understanding of the industry, our global reach and recognition, our dedication to developing our services and teams to exactly meet your needs, or our diligence in delivering exceptional solutions, every time.

Working with Petroplan we can promise you speed and delivery in making your projects happen.

Not only are we always entirely professional and easy to work with, we guarantee first-class support and access to the best cutting-edge technology.

And our commitment to compliance in every part of the world is total –  we keep our contractors and your reputation safe, always.

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Since 1976, Petroplan has been here to help people like you make the most of the opportunities available and find the best fit for you as an individual.

Our reputation for contractor and candidate care, understanding what makes you tick, and finding you the best match is second-to-none.

In an industry where skilled and experienced professionals are an increasingly sought after resource, we appreciate the true value of what you have to offer.

What's more, we understand that in today's world of work, different things are important to different people – it's about making exactly the right connections for you as an individual.

We understand the industry inside-out and seek to understand YOU and your motivations in the same way.

We take the time to evaluate your individual strengths, understand the things that are most important to you, and establish exactly what you're looking for from your next role.


Speed and Delivery

Making it happen with specialist knowledge and tenacity

  • For clients, full consultation with a senior member of the Petroplan team, to ensure you’re provided with the right workforce solution for your business needs.
  • Expert teams, specialised in specific sectors and disciplines, trained to quickly identify candidates with specialist technical capabilities – meaning we always deliver the best solutions.
  • Candidate verification and vetting so only the best candidate applications reach hiring managers.
  • Existing candidate networks coupled with our daily reach for new professionals means vacancies are seen by an ever-growing talent pool.
  • Trust from industry professionals on Petroplan’s ability to put them forward for roles due to our enviable pedigree since 1976.
  • Dedicated contractor management, payroll, mobilisation and compliance teams to get your approved talent in post, fast.

Easy to work with

we're like part of your team

  • Whether your business wants a single point of contact or access to all the delivery team our account management works for you.
  • Petroplan key account directors, managers and teams support you to reach your company’s strategic HR and performance goals.
  • We’ll work with your business processes and pro-actively recommend alternative methods for success where we think appropriate.
  • Acting as a brand guardian we'll immerse ourselves in your business and culture.
  • As a privately owned business, we can be flexible to invest in places and people to get the right results for you.

First Class Support

Contract workers are our colleagues

  • Petroplan have a dedicated contractor management and mobilisation team whose role works in parallel with our consultants to provide a seamless acquisition and onboarding service.
  • We treat every contractor with the same care, support and dedication, whether they are on their first assignment with us or their last.
  • Our dedicated mobilisation support team stays with the contractors throughout the full cycle of their assignment – from verification of all administrative requirements and medicals to travel and on-site support.
  • The personal touch is what sets us apart in the industry

Lastest Technology

Automation where it makes sense

  • Applicant Tracking System for quick identification of qualified candidate shortlists and managing communication from recruitment to placement.
  • Accurate, transparent real-time reporting throughout the process.
  • Online payrolling system ‘Petropay’ for automated timesheet, expense and pay processing.
  • Integration with mainstream Vendor Management Systems.
  • Intelligent recruitment automation.
  • Automated candidate engagement.


Keeping our people and clients’ reputations safe

  • Compliance is at the very heart of what we do - we make no concessions nor do we take short cuts when it comes to global and regional compliance.
  • ISO 9001 accredited, the standard demonstrates Petroplan's ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and continuous business improvement.
  • OHSAS 18001 accredited, we operate our own HSE quality management system. Our investment in HSE processes and procedures go far beyond the standard safety requirements for oil and gas companies;
  • We are a member of APSCo, the only body dedicated to representing excellence in the professional recruitment industry

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Energising recruitment: a post-covid outlook

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all sectors globally, with job loss and furlough among the top consequences for employees. With many forced to work from home, the nature of work changed dramatically.

Recruitment was especially impacted by the pandemic, with the majority of businesses having to adjust their strategies throughout the crisis. With life now seemingly ‘normal’ again, we look at the recovery of the recruitment sector, and its future post-COVID.

The changing face of recruitment

Following the pandemic, recruitment and workplace trends have changed dramatically. Leaders are re-thinking their workforce and management style to keep pace with the large-scale shifts that are happening to businesses and the way people work.

One of the major changes in the world of recruitment is the rise of contingent and temporary workers. According to Staffing Industry, the number of temporary employees in the UK increased by 9.16 % on a seasonally adjusted basis to a total of around 1.71 million for the three months from October to December 2021, when compared to the same period the year before.

During lockdown periods, many organisations reduced their contractor budgets, but now there has clearly been a shift. Thanks to the rise of remote working, recruitment is no longer restricted to a location, which means recruiters have access to wider talent pools.

A new age of candidates

Before the onset of the pandemic, businesses were already recruiting in a highly competitive market and changes were on the horizon. Now, organisations are facing greater demands for benefits that focus on health and wellbeing, and flexible working. Recruiters will need to tailor their recruitment solutions to suit the needs of candidates in order to attract the same level of talent.

COVID-19 has to a large extent accelerated changes in consumer and employee behaviour, and there’s an increasing reliance on digital tools. According to McKinsey, 75% of European and North American executives that responded to a survey expect increased investment in new technologies until 2024.

Work-life balance is also another priority for today’s candidates, alongside long-term stability, which is more than likely a result of the uncertain financial situation caused by the pandemic.

What’s next for companies?

As businesses have started to recover and return to their offices, many professionals will be making changes in their careers and switching roles, enhancing the level of competition in the marketplace. The challenge for hiring managers lies in the ability to effectively sell the benefits of working for their company.

In the interview process, leaders should be differentiating themselves from other employers, focusing on areas such as culture and upward mobility. Now that millions of employees around the world have become accustomed to remote working, companies must offer flexible and hybrid working arrangements.

With 74% of current remote workers saying that having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company, the elevated importance of flexibility in the workplace is being continually reinforced.

Recovery and recruitment

So, how exactly can recruitment agencies adapt to the ever-changing market landscape? Firstly, recruiters need to regularly revisit and evaluate their recruitment strategy to assess their client organisation’s goals and make necessary adjustments based on market changes.

With the pandemic having paved the way for an even more transient workforce, today’s employees have a more varied approach to their careers. Recruitment agencies need to prioritise finding cultural fits and assure hiring managers that candidates who fit the culture will stay at the company long-term. M&A will be a priority as recruitment companies seek to protect their market positions in the face of ever-growing competition.

Recruiters will also need to be more consultative and showcase their expertise to attract the best candidates and focus on providing a seamless candidate experience by taking on board new digital technologies and processes.

Job roles continue to evolve, and leaders must make hiring the right talent a focal point of their strategy.

Helping your business to grow

At Petroplan we are the champions of talent and specialise in recruiting permanent personnel and contractors for businesses across the energy and infrastructure sectors, including oil and gas, renewables, technology, mining, power, and nuclear. As a talent solutions agency, we have an excellent knowledge of recruitment, and a team of experienced consultants who can provide the best advice, and results.

To find out how we can support you in the rapidly evolving climate, please contact our team today.

Challenges facing the expansion of the energy sector in the UK

The energy crisis has flooded the news in recent weeks with rocketing energy bills leaving people worried and uneasy about the future. One development, which could be part of seven wider oil and gas projects in the UK, is the government’s fossil fuel industry regulator ‘green-lighting’ a new oil and gas project in the North Sea. The Abigail oil field is set to be developed just off the east coast of Scotland.

While campaigners are raising concerns about the decision, which comes six months after the UK hosted the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, the move could be a huge boost for the country’s energy sector.

The new oil and gas project will see a significant increase in job opportunities in the UK if it gets off the ground. In fact, here at Petroplan, we have invested in opening new offices in Manchester, and expanding our already existing hubs in London, and the Southeast of England because of the confidence we have in the sector, across both renewable and non-renewable markets. This confidence is underlined as the operations director of the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) told Sky News that oil and gas will continue to be part of the energy mix for decades to come.

Challenges to non-renewable energy expansion in the UK

There’s a realistic possibility that the Abigail oil field project may come to fruition, despite a similar project being abruptly halted last December. The Cambo oil field was due to be constructed just off the Shetland islands until the organisation that had a 30% non-operation stake in the project pulled out last minute in December 2021, meaning the project could no longer continue.

It is thought that the pressure from climate change activists, who have long been critical of the oil fields, caused the company to scrap their plans.

Some of this pressure and criticism relates to the supply and demand of oil and gas in the UK, with some researchers claiming that building oil and gas infrastructure in the UK would create a surplus amount of product. This, however, seems unlikely with skyrocketing consumer prices in the UK in a response to a surge in demand throughout Europe.  These pressures are exacerbated by the current political tensions in Europe and the likely strategic direction of European and UK interactions with Russian oil and gas production and distribution interests.

How could non-renewable energy expansion benefit the UK?

Campaigners challenging oil and gas developments could sit in direct contrast with pressure on the government from MPs who believe new fossil fuel development is needed to reduce UK energy bills.

It is possible that experts underestimate the amount of time it will take to fully commit to renewable energy sources; therefore, non-renewable energy sources will in all probability still be vital for decades to come. In line with this, it is predicted that fossil fuel production around the globe is set to soar over the next decade.

Expanding oil and gas infrastructure in the UK can be an advantage for people in the UK, protecting them from energy shortages, rising energy bills and strengthening the country’s energy security strategy.

Developments such as the Abigail oil field will not only have a positive impact to the public, but also on the oil and gas job market in the UK. The project will fuel highly skilled job creation whilst also equipping oil and gas workers with knowledge and experience that will eventually be transferrable to the wider energy sector as the country looks to adopt more renewable energy sources.

Are you hiring for oil and gas jobs in the UK?

At Petroplan, we specialise in recruiting contractors and permanent employees for businesses across the energy sector, including the oil and gas industry. We have a highly experienced team of recruitment specialists in the UK who have a strong understanding of the market and the challenges it faces. As champions of talent we continue to provide our clients with exceptional talent solutions. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help your recruitment.

$6bn worth of drilling contracts awarded in UAE expected to shape market in 2022

At the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) it was announced that the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is to be awarded $6 billion worth of investment to complete major contracts drilling for crude oil and gas, while also completing wells for future developments.

The investment will be implemented by distributing procurement awards to top drilling equipment contractors, covering wellheads, downhole completion equipment (DCE), liner hangers, and cementing accessories, including related components and services.

How will this affect the job market?

Crucially for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this investment is principally internal. ADNOC has stated that all the liner hangers, more than $900 million worth of the wellheads, and over $700 million worth of DCEs will be produced exclusively in the UAE.

This gives an opportunity to grow UAE domestic manufacturing capability and increase the demand for highly skilled workers in the country. Oil and gas jobs in the United Arab Emirates are highly sought after and this $6 billion investment means the state can deliver more employment opportunities in the industry.

This potential increase in oil and gas jobs in the Middle East will stimulate growth in the private manufacturing and local industrial sectors, consequently growing the UAE’s economy. In fact, the output of oil and gas accounts for around 30% of the UAE’s total GDP, demonstrating how ADNOC plays a crucial role in supporting the continued growth of the country’s economy.

The UAE’s plans for the future

It is assumed that this $6 billion package will bring a huge amount of ICV (in-country value) to the UAE. ADNOC states that potentially 60% of the total value of the awards could re-enter the UAE’s economy as the contracts are fulfilled.

This package also demonstrates how ADNOC is aligning its growth with the objectives of the UAE’s ‘Principles of the 50’  guidelines for the UAE’S next historical phase, a new era of social and political growth. These plans for long-term growth underline the UAE’s ambition  in the oil and gas sector, with ADNOC aiming to have an oil production capacity of 5 million barrels a day by 2030.

Included in the Principles of the 50 is the statement that ‘the main future driver for growth is human capital,’ highlighting how and retain specialist talent for employment in oil and gas jobs. The UAE believes that improving their educational system and building up the skills of their workforce internally is the way to ensure sustained, long-term growth in their economy.

Finding opportunities and talent in the UAE

At Petroplan we have longstanding experience in the oil and gas industry, finding the best talent for both contract and permanent hire. With a deep understanding of the Middle East market, our motivated team of consultants strives to build positive relationships between ambitious clients and talented contractors.

Since 2009 we have had offices in Iraq, Oman and the UAE (Dubai) and have established strong and trusted relationships with in-country partners. In the UAE specifically these strategic alliances mean that we are perfectly placed to fulfil recruitment needs in the UAE and facilitate effective communication between our clients and UAE nationals as and when required. Contact our team today to find out more about our recruitment services in the Middle East.

Petroplan among founding members of Oakleaf's Mental Health Leaders Network

Creating a healthy and thriving workplace has always been a priority at Petroplan. An important element of achieving this is protecting and promoting the health, safety, and wellbeing of our team. 

That’s why we have worked with and supported our mental health charity partner in the UK, Oakleaf, for more than a decade. As part of our dedicated CSR programme, we will be supporting a mental health charity in each of our operating regions, with Oakleaf the designated partner in the UK. 

Oakleaf is a charity that works to empower people who have mental health needs, to gain meaningful employment and satisfying careers by restoring confidence and building self-esteem. People supported by Oakleaf can gain qualifications, learn, and practise new skills, and participate in activities to support overall wellbeing. 

Recently, Petroplan became a founding member of the charity’s Mental Health Leaders Network. The network is a space for leaders from local organisations to come together and discuss topical challenges in the workplace. 

The purpose of the network is to find solutions and frameworks that help to address employees’ mental health challenges and create a more supportive work environment. Recent discussions have covered the impact of hybrid working, financial worries, engagement issues, and intergenerational differences. 

As a partner of Oakleaf, Petroplan employees can benefit from free mental health support and resources, including access to mental health first aid training and learning sessions such as ‘understanding stress and burnout’. 

This helps us to not only recognise and manage our own worries and concerns at work, but also those of our colleagues, and creates a more engaging and supportive work environment. 

Looking after mental health in our workplace is really important to us, and through our partnership with Oakleaf members of our teams are taking part in mental health first aid training to help us do more to support our people through any challenges they might be facing.   

We look forward to seeing the network grow and the support it will give not only to our team, but also to other organisations and employees within the community. 

For more information about Oakleaf, please visit: www.oakleaf-enterprise.org. 

The importance of ESG compliance in the energy sector

As the oil and gas sector makes the transition into clean energy, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) has become all the more important in the industry. Today, companies are increasingly looking for new ways to promote ESG initiatives, as a growing number of customers and investors are urging organisations to take ESG issues more seriously. While the pressure is rising for oil and gas companies, the increased emphasis on ESG presents several opportunities for the sector. Below, we detail how ESG is re-shaping the energy industry and why it’s time for companies to address environmental concerns and adapt to this new paradigm.


The rise of ESG

Today, it’s become increasingly clear that ESG ratings are an important driver for stakeholders and investors in the energy sector, as well as the general public. ESG investing was once seen as a niche, but it’s become a crucial area for companies in every sector, particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition to a low carbon economy means businesses in the energy sector must ensure they’re aligned with the new energy landscape. ESG is no longer a box-ticking exercise, but fundamental for maintaining and attracting the support of stakeholders. It’s now more important than ever before that ESG is used as a workforce strategy. Energy companies that recognise the value of ESG will be able to attract and recruit the best talent, as well as meeting the challenging demands of the market.


Seeking sustainability

It’s widely understood that there’s an environmental threat in the oil and gas sector. Many companies in the industry have been taking steps to become compliant with ESG and curb the environmental impact. For example, according to reports, the British oil major BP has made plans to buy $220 million worth of solar projects to help push for a low-carbon future. And total investments over the past five years in renewables, hydrogen and digital technologies has been almost $60 billion. Evidently, oil and gas companies are beginning to view environmental conditions as a priority for improving operations and increasing value across their organisations. While most oil and gas companies will likely still invest in traditional production, clean energy is being taken more seriously by leaders in the industry.


Creating an ESG strategy

One of the biggest challenges for energy companies is implementing a successful ESG strategy. When businesses take a strategic approach to ESG that is linked to the goals and values of the company, leaders are more likely to see results. With ESG encompassing social and governance initiatives as well as the environment, it’s imperative that oil and gas companies assess the needs of their organisation and its employees. Building an ESG strategy in an oil and gas company is critical for satisfying a range of different stakeholders. ESG programs are also key for spurring innovation in the energy sector and reducing risks. 

With a strong ESG framework, businesses can set action plans and measure performance indicators, which could include energy diversification, carbon footprint reduction and natural resource sustainability. The demand for ESG programs in the energy sector is now greater than ever. For oil and gas companies, embracing ESG shows that they care about employee welfare. Focusing on ESG represents social responsibility and a way for energy companies to gain trust, and future-proof their businesses for the new world of work.


Are you hiring?

At Petroplan, we specialise in recruiting top professionals for businesses in the oil and gas sector. We have a highly experienced team of recruitment specialists who have a strong understanding of the market. As a workforce and talent agency, we pride ourselves on continuously building great relationships with our clients and candidates, and further establishing our expertise in the energy sector. We support a diverse range of global projects with a talented pool of candidates and we want to continue to provide our clients with exceptional talent solutions. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help your recruitment.