Pre-Assignment Guidance and Safety Awareness

Firstly, our efficient and highly personalised package of contractor management services is a key factor in attracting talented and retaining contractors. Many of our contractors have been with Petroplan for over a decade because of the service they receive from us; affording us (and our clients) access to a ready supply of loyal and reliable contractors. We work with the both employer and candidate by providing pre-assignment guidance and safety assurance.

This loyalty and continued service can be as a result of these pre-mobilisation administrative and verification checks. This takes the hassle and risk away from contractors. So they can start work knowing their documentation, travel and medicals are in order. Plus where required, they are already aware of the health and safety commitments from any pre-assignment quality control guidelines.

See here the list of activities which the Petroplan contractor mobilisation consultants work with contractors to achieve compliance before commencement of their employment.

Pre- Mobilisation Management

  • Interviews
  • Interview Travel & Hotels
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiating
  • Background Checks
  • Medicals & Inoculations
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Hostile Environment or other Training as required
  • Client Information Dissemination e.g. HSE Policies, Code of Conduct

Mobilisation Pre-Assignment Checks

  • Visa / residence & work permit applications
  • Passport & Second Passport applications
  • Training Certificates – Final check that all required certification is in place and current
  • Provision of PPE
  • Pre Assignment Briefing*
  • Travel & Hotels Petroplan Arranges
  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • In Country Transportation
  • Security Arrangements
  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact Information

Depending on the nature of the contract, the project location and the client’s specific requirements, any combination or all of the elements listed above may form part of our Pre-Assignment process – for example in certain locations the client may (for security reasons) wish to make their own arrangements for contractors’ in country transportation.

Pre-Assignment Guidance for Health and Safety

* A critical element in the effective implementation of Petroplan’s integrated management system is the distribution of detailed pre-assignment guidelines to our contractors engaged at our clients’ worksites.

The objective of this document is to ensure that contractors assigned to a client’s organisation are briefed on health and safety matters that are relevant for their work at the client’s site. The pre-assignment guidelines issued to contractors are intended to demonstrate how the client and Petroplan work together to reduce risks to contractors to as low as reasonably practical.

As part of the pre-assignment process, Petroplan will verify the contractor’s qualifications, capabilities and work experience.  This is carried out according to Petroplan’s quality management procedure.

A Comprehensive Pre-Assignment Briefing

All contractors will be given a pre-assignment briefing, which will preferably be carried out face to face with the contractor. However, if this is not possible the presentation material supporting this procedure will be provided to contractors via e-mail and/or telephone call.

The pre-assignment briefing will contain important practical and safety information about the assignment. They are tailored specifically to the worksite and the client’s particular requirements. They may also include (but not be limited to) any or all of the following elements: –

  • Contractual terms such as duration of assignment, travel plans, etc.
  • Details about the job role.
  • Practical site information (location, contact details, working hours, etc.)
  • Petroplan EH&S Policy.
  • Client EH&S Policy.
  • Client, Petroplan and Worker responsibilities applicable to the worksite location.
  • Emergency Response arrangements between Client and Petroplan (including medical evacuation provision).
  • Petroplan’s due diligence process against the client’s EH&S program.
  • Petroplan’s follow-up contact schedule and/or other contract requirements.
  • Joint Responsibility Matrix

Petroplan will inform the employer when this briefing is complete. We can ask contractors to sign to confirm receipt and understanding of the information contained within their pre-assignment guideline pack.

Joint Responsibility Matrix

This is a document we recommend clients utilise with Petroplan. This ensures from the beginning of a contractor’s placement all parties are clear who is responsible for the various aspects of the employment contract. This could be  simply who signs a timesheet to more personal such as health matters.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from utilising these robust and compliance assuring processes please get in touch with a recruitment consultant at your nearest office.

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