Senior Technical Specialists in Oil, Gas and Energy

Training for Success

Our recruitment consultants train to understand the requirements and language of their specific discipline. Petroplan take time to impart this knowledge to all consultants be they new or experienced.  We can reach the right senior technical specialists for employers quickly.

Strong Heritage in the Technical Energy Disciplines

The focus on technical experience started with our founders, John Reeder and Graham Pyle, who at the inception of Petroplan were senior technical specialists. Their discipline of project services and attention to project delivery has had a profound effect on the culture of the business. We pride ourselves on building networks of experts that we can introduce to our clients and who can refer talented professionals for interesting careers across the globe.

The term ‘subject matter expertise’ is a phrase frequently used today but at Petroplan our consultants truly are experts in their field. They do not dilute their focus with allied professions. It can take years to build a robust candidate network for a discipline along with regional knowledge is often related to a trade or specialism.  This is captured using technology so even if our consultants decide to leave the company, the intelligence remains in the business. Therefore benchmarking and connections are still robust.

Technical Disciplines

There are many but our key areas of expertise include:

  • Wells and Drilling
  • Engineering – Mechanical, inspection and electrical
  • Commissioning
  • Project services and management
  • HSEQ
  • Subsurface – Geology and Geophysics
  • Subsea and Marine
  • Oil manufacturing and field services

Key Geographies

Petroplan is a global organisation and we have offices in the major oil and gas hubs. We know that different areas depending on their market maturity demand different skill sets. For example, we have helped companies find:  downstream petrochemical engineers at South Africa’s refineries, Drilling supervisors in Egypt, LNG engineers in the US or Commissioning engineers in Canada.

Our Process

We generally follow a 10 step process to ensure we capture the client’s brief, identify target candidates, fulfill the process of verification and shortlisting through to interview and offer management. These are as follows:

  1. Work with the client contact to understand the requirements of project goals from the outset
  2. Undertake market mapping of the candidate talent pool for the industry and skill set
  3. Identify suitable candidates against key agreed job specification objectives
  4. Approach and initial engagement with targeted professionals
  5. Rigorous candidate screening, reference and qualification checking
  6. Interviews with the agency team
  7. Delivery of the client shortlist
  8. Organisation of client facing interviews
  9. Offer management with total compensation in mind
  10. Onboarding management

The Importance of the People as well as the Process

In order to adhere to our quality control procedures we are rigorous in our approach. However, working in the oil and gas industry is a lifestyle choice for many.

Our recruitment consultants are very adept at assessing candidate’s motivations and investment in a career in this industry. In fact in one of our recent surveys on candidate sentiment, many professionals still talk about the lifestyle being a key attraction to remaining in the sector.

We find people who will make a difference to your business. This is because  we are committed to ensuring these technical specialists will flourish by doing interesting work that utilises their knowledge and fulfils their aspirations. We also determine if a senior technical specialist wishes to fulfil a management position or prefers to remain dedicated to the technical application of their discipline. Not everyone wants to become a manager.

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