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Sasol is an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of over 30,300 people working in 33 countries. It develops and commercialises technologies, and builds and operates world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product streams, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity.

Sasol’s upstream business has licences to drill gas wells in Mozambique, and they were looking for technical supporting their gas exploration operations. Expertise needed included professional and technical roles such  as engineers, geoscientists, project control specialists, site construction managers, as well as supply chain, logistics, HR, Legal and Finance.

Those working in the field in Mozambique face environmental hardships such as heat and mosquitos, and the country has also experienced political unrest in recent years, which adds to the challenge of consultancy services in the oil and gas sector.

Sasol began working with Petroplan’s UK office in late 2008.


Petroplan leverages its lengthy experience and comprehensive expertise in filling niche energy roles, and its extensive global network of candidates, in order to add value to Sasol’s business.

In order to ensure it was as close as possible to both candidates and the market, Petroplan established an office in Cape Town in early 2011 and a second office in Maputo in 2016. By moving with Sasol, Petroplan has been better able to support the Sasol business.

Petroplan takes care of all aspects of mobilisation for Sasol, including verification of certificates (vital in the safety-centred oil and gas industry), checking work history and following up references. When sourcing talent from outside of the sub-Saharan Africa region, Petroplan also deals with visa applications and flights.

By making itself available and working quickly to provide valuable manpower solutions, Petroplan has maintained the highest level of service delivery to both Sasol and contractors for almost a decade.


Since 2008, Petroplan has successfully introduced over 200 individuals to Sasol, at the company’s offices in the UK, as well as at its offices and other sites in Johannesburg and Mozambique. These placements are often for roles that are challenging to recruit for in the region, and have included candidates from around the world, not just sub-Saharan Africa, selected as the best in their particular professional discipline.

This success has also come latterly against the backdrop of a significant and on-going fall in global oil prices and very challenging business context for the upstream oil and gas sector.

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