Contract Recruitment

Petroplan has served the oil and gas industry in the field of contract recruitment for nearly 40 years. We understand these requirements are time sensitive and securing an appropriately skilled and ready-to-work contractor is essential.

With a worldwide network, we can identify contractors with whom we are already connected for rapid mobilisation or utilise our recruitment know-how to search and select talent with the right credentials. Our global locations allow us to add a consistent level of responsiveness as our teams are experienced in the placement and mobilisation of nationals as they are in working with expatriate professionals.

Our core ability is seen in the onboarding of candidate, taking them through the essential terms of their employment. And we are absolutely committed to reducing the time to hire, ensuring employees can concentrate on delivering value from day one.

Depending on the nature of the project, Petroplan’s contractors usually benefit from our Contractor Management Services; a comprehensive assistance package designed to take care of every logistical aspect of the assignment and allow a contractor to focus on their work without any administrative distractions.