Corporate Oil and Gas Jobs

Corporate Oil and Gas Jobs

We understand Corporate

Covering everything from administrative, sales, HR, marketing, financial and legal roles, we recognise that it is these organised and level-headed people who have an important role in the smooth running of the oil and gas industry.

We’re leaders in recruitment for the oil, gas and energy industry because our insight means we don’t just find candidates, we find the best in this field. We understand the responsibility involved in ensuring a company is fully compliant, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure you’ve understood the professional qualifications and skills needed for the corporate roles for which you apply.

The oil, gas and energy industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Our experience has secured our position as a trusted recruiter for influential clients when they need support for their operation. The market might be global, but our local offices and dedicated consultants mean there’s always a person to talk to.

Petroplan’s permanent team is confident in the use of proactive recruitment techniques to identify exceptional candidates engaged within the industry – both active and passive. We specialise not only in the recruitment of technical industry professionals, but are equally experienced in recruiting talented individuals to work on the commercial side of the business.

We've proved ourselves to be an exceptional talent solutions agency, with an in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Over the years, we've built a large network of clients and candidates. We find the best candidates in the sector and match them with high-quality companies globally. We're a professional and hugely knowledgeable team that is results-focused and dedicated to delivering an efficient service.

We make a difference across the board

Are you a person with extensive commercial experience in the oil, gas and energy industry? We’ll help you transition into your next corporate role seamlessly, just register with us today: