CV Presentation

CV Presentations

Whilst Petroplan will ensure your CV is presented to a Client in a professional, standardised format which our clients recognise and from which they can easily extract the information relevant to them, the guidelines below are intended to help you create a good solid CV:

Present your CV in a logical and orderly format that covers your entire career history to date.  Include all previous experience and training relevant to the role you are seeking.  It’s advisable to include a brief opening paragraph that summarises your overall career and recent experience; four to six sentences is ample.

Highlight the achievements, qualifications and professional training that will make you stand out.  Positive past experience should be quantified where possible – for example how many team members you managed, the size of the budget for which you were responsible, how many days ahead of deadline you delivered the project.  Facts likes these are very effective when communicating your worth as opposed to general descriptions. 

A CV should be a snapshot of your career and achievements to date that leaves the reader wanting to find out more about you.  A CV that’s too long can mean the key information on which you want a prospective employer to focus gets lost within the detail; the body of your CV should ideally not exceed three pages

It’s vital not to exaggerate or include work experience, qualifications or personal information that is not entirely accurate.   Petroplan undertakes rigorous candidate screening, so any discrepancies will always be identified; it’s best to be honest from the outset.

Please consider the following when formatting your CV: