Why Petroplan

Specialist recruiters

We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and we recruit exclusively for the oil, gas and energy sector - we make it our business to know everything there is to know about the industry.  Petroplan was founded by engineers and this specialised knowledge is cascaded through the company – our recruiters receive extensive industry training and understand the technicalities of each requirement, so we recruit the right people, fast.

Retention, not just placement

We’ll target candidates with the right mix of experience and skills – as well as a profile that matches your organisational culture – to lay the foundations for a long-term and successful business relationship.

An exceptional professional network

Our extensive and carefully managed in-house candidate database is constantly evolving and exponentially extended through our strategic use of online resources and proactive candidate attraction techniques.  We have a team of Researchers dedicated to maintaining these valuable contacts and ensuring our records are always up to date.

Global reach      

Our global spread of offices allows us to respond to your needs across six continents; with our highly experienced regional teams on the ground offering expert in-country support.

Broad scope

Our wide range of experience across all industry phases, categories and disciplines means we can assist you in finding the best person for your project – whether it’s onshore or offshore, conventional or unconventional.  And we have specialist recruitment teams dedicated to key industry areas to provide you with that extra expertise where required.

Brand stewardship

We’re conscious that every candidate interaction conducted on behalf of a client represents their brand.  At every stage, our recruitment procedures are designed to positively reinforce the client’s brand – whilst always working in compliance with regulated industry guidelines.

Collaborative working

We operate within the client's specified parameters to support their company objectives, integrating seamlessly with their internal teams. A dedicated recruiter will take the time to understand the organisational, technical and cultural nuances which impact a given role and how these should affect Petroplan's mode of delivery.

Contractor management

Our highly personalised package of management services and efficient pay rolling are key factors in attracting good contractors to work with us and stay with us – our clients benefit from this ready supply of loyal and trusted professionals, who have no logistical problems to distract them from their work.


Petroplan maintains rigorous standards of quality management and occupational health and safety, holding both ISO and OHSAS certification; the full scope of our compliance with industry requirements is available to view via the Achilles FPAL platform.  Petroplan is also a member of APSCo, which commits the company to a strict code of good practice, and opens up a wealth of sophisticated training opportunities for the enhancement of our recruiters’ skills.

Values and continuous improvement

An ongoing programme of learning and development and various award schemes encourage our employees to improve their skills and raise the bar in all areas of the business.  Everyone at Petroplan lives and works by a core set of collectively agreed company values that drive and define everything we do.

Work with the best

This year Petroplan was named as one of the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.  To read the full story, and to see where else Petroplan made the news this year, visit our News and Information  tab.